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The Planet Kambo Podcast Library

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

With only 24 hours in a day, sifting through DM's, trolls comments, fan mail and even the occasional date request, the Planet Kambo practitioner team are never short of talking points on the weekly Kambo Frogcast.

Pull up a seat and tune in with the K-team's weekly dose of behind the scenes gossip, Q&A and long-form truth drops. From holistic healing, addiction recovery, mental health, plant medicines and psychedelics the team leave no question unanswered and stone unturned in the informative, educational and entertaining weekly show.

Latest Shows

Planet Kambo Podcast #14: Psychedelics To Treat Depression. Using Plant Medicines To Self Medicate.

A common question the team regularly receives from people struggling with mental health problems is whether or not to experiment with psychedelics. Although this is a dilemma many sufferers of addiction, emotional issues have reached after years of expensive and unfruitful therapy, this questio