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Updated: Jul 18, 2021

With only 24 hours in a day, sifting through DM's, trolls comments, fan mail and even the occasional date request, the Planet Kambo practitioner team are never short of talking points on the weekly Kambo Frogcast.

Pull up a seat and tune in with the K-team's weekly dose of behind the scenes gossip, Q&A and long-form truth drops. From holistic healing, addiction recovery, mental health, plant medicines and psychedelics the team leave no question unanswered and stone unturned in the informative, educational and entertaining weekly show.

Latest Shows

Planet Kambo Podcast #14: Psychedelics To Treat Depression. Using Plant Medicines To Self Medicate.

A common question the team regularly receives from people struggling with mental health problems is whether or not to experiment with psychedelics. Although this is a dilemma many sufferers of addiction, emotional issues have reached after years of expensive and unfruitful therapy, this question is understandably a heavy one not to be taken lightly. For some, self-medicating can be a last resort as they have likely exhausted all other available options, however, this last hail mary may pack potential risks that need to be considered before a nervous psychonaut goes any further.

In this week's show Adam, Ryan and Helen discuss whether using plant medicines is the right step for those suffering from depression and raise some great points surrounding the use of psychedelics in modern culture.

In this episode you will learn:

  • An overview and context of plant medicines including Ayahuasca, DMT, Iboga and mushrooms

  • Experiences of taking plant medicines the process and after effects

  • The benefits of plant medicines

  • The risks of plant medicines

  • Set and setting of taking plant medicines

  • The integration process after taking plant medicines


Planet Kambo Podcast #13: Is Kambo Safe? How To Create a Caring Kambo Ceremony

The thought of attending a Kambo ceremony, even for the bravest of souls, can be a challenging test of personal willpower and courage. Not to be understated, the importance of finding not only a reputable practitioner but also a trusting environment where one can feel safe and confident in their most vulnerable moments.

In this week's show Natalie, Helen, James and Ryan hit their stride and find their flow as the Frog-Squad's diverse healing backgrounds each offer unique perspectives on how to hold a safe, loving and caring Kambo ceremony.

In this episode of the Frogcast they discuss:

  • Set and setting of a ceremony

  • Differences we've noticed in doing the work for ourselves

  • How Planet Kambo run ceremonies

  • Importance of setting intentions

  • How to safely self apply Kambo

  • Ayahuasca and integration

  • Main takeaways from working with plant medicines

  • How to prepare for a Kambo ceremony

What are the Kambo peptides and neuropeptides?

" So peptides are amino acids, they’re essentially proteins, similar to you know when you eat protein if you’re working out and stuff, we need protein to live but these are slightly different, but you know protein is a building block of biological systems in nature, so all animals, you know, we have a protein, so peptides are proteins and they affect different processes in the body and neuropeptides actually are a signalling mechanism within the brain, so neuropeptides actually are a neuronal signalling system in the brain. "

- Jonathan Gold, Founder, Planet Kambo


Planet Kambo Podcast #12: Life After Enlightenment with Alexander Lasarev

The path of enlightenment is as sacred and mystical as life itself. In Buddhist mythology, it's believed that the process of spontaneous awakening known as 'satori' (Japanese term for awakening) is the unexpected experience of ultimate self-realisation. Described by countless sages, authors, philosophers, poets and monks; to awaken from the dream of life is possessing the keys to the doors of nirvana.

When Alexander Lasarev spontaneously awoke last year he experienced the unexpected apex of human consciousness suddenly, without warning and for lack of better words he died and was reborn. In a gripping 90-minute interview old friends Alex and Planet Kambo founder Jonathan Gold dissect the permanent and life-changing "satori' and discuss in plain English what enlightenment feels like, if it was painful, and what life after an awakening looks like.

You will learn:

  • What it feels like to be enlightened?

  • What happens after enlightenment?

  • Is awakening painful?

  • Why is enlightenment important?

  • How to achieve altered states of consciousness

What are some good resources for anyone experiencing spiritual awakening?

"Rupert Spira is very good, he resonated with me, but there’s other teachers that might resonate with you. There’s a guy called Mooji, and obviously you’ve got Eckhart Tolle, who wrote The Power of Now, one of the first books I read".

Alexander Lasarev

Founder, Woke AF Podcast


Planet Kambo Podcast #11: Life After Lockdown. How To Survive Corona

As Corona's stranglehold on planet earth gets even tighter the long term psychological damage of mass population lockdown is as yet uncharted territory. With rising rates of depression, substance misuse and even suicide among desperate incarcerated people isolated in their homes, the temptation for overindulgence and self-medicating is understandable. This vicious circle of mandated isolation, inability to exercise and lack of support is leading to an epidemic of psychological damage, repressed emotion and compulsive self-destructive behaviour.

With an urgency for connection and support this week's Planet Kambo lean-team deep dive into important issues on the horizon. Tune in for this week's social debate with Ryan, James and Jon.

We talk about:

  • Coronavirus restrictions. Are the government’s planning to ease the lockdown regulations?

  • Covid rules: How to adapt to the lockdown. Simple steps to maintain mental health during isolation.

  • COVID-19 The effects on mental health

  • London lockdown. A surge in confirmed British cases creates an uncertain atmosphere.

  • Life after lockdown? Social distancing, more people working flexibly from home.

  • How to find purpose in your career? Jon's personal journey on how to find passion and fulfilment.

  • How do you spiritually attract money? What exactly is the law of attraction and is it true?

  • Why is it important to have a fulfilling career? Our conditioning around career and money and how it’s more important to do what you’re interested in and passionate about


Planet Kambo Podcast #10: What comes first passion or purpose? How To Find Fulfillment In Life.

The question of finding true purpose in life, since the dawn of time has left the human race's greatest thinkers on deep head-scratching introspective journeys. Believed by some, passion precedes purpose as it is the spark that will light the fire under your ass but it is a purpose that will give you the stamina to keep going through difficult times.

A popular perspective on finding meaning not only in fulfilling work but also in the boring, mundane and day-to-day to-do's that keep life on track. Mysticism aside, when one finds a higher purpose with any task they can overcome any amount of discomfort, hardship or struggle. This could be as simple as going to work to feed the family or as controversial as building a wall to protect your country.

In this weeks episode, Jon and Ryan discuss at length:

  • What does passion in life mean?

  • How do I find my passion for purpose?

  • What is the source of passion?

  • Is passion the key to success?

  • What's the difference between passion and purpose?

  • What gives a man purpose?

  • Finding higher purpose through Kambo

What is a light worker?

"There are some of us in this world who are what’s called ‘light-workers’, this will be energy healers, mystics and channelers - people that find passion through helping others. It’s often something that we don’t really choose, or plan, we simply realise suddenly, this is what I’m doing. So in that respect, I think most people that are drawn to Kambo, especially to be a practitioner, are light-workers. "

- Jonathan Gold, Founder, Planet Kambo


Planet Kambo Podcast #9: Defying Censorship. The Importance of Freedom of Speech.

In a day and age of instant access to information and the ability for anyone owning a smartphone to be able to broadcast their thoughts and opinions, the human need for free speech without fear of social or legal consequences has reached a boiling point.

Famously, the first amendment right protecting American citizens from government oppression falls under scrutiny as large corporations and big tech media platforms can freely mine data, block comments, and de-platform their users without repercussions.

This week's hot topic is close to heart for the Planet Kambo team, with the recent advertising restrictions for Kambo ceremonies in London. So pour yourself a coffee, let the dog out and sit tight for a gripping 49-minute show.

In this weeks episode:

  • Are our rights under attack?

  • What is censorship?

  • Does censorship violate freedom of speech and expression?

  • Does freedom of speech have limits?

  • Is freedom of speech a human right?


Planet Kambo Podcast #8: Kambo vs Ayahuasca. How Kambo Changed My Life. Omar's Experience With Frog Poison.

Leaving behind a long and unfulfilling corporate career, Omar decided to follow his heart and let his intuition guide him on a journey that would change the course of his adult life. After receiving life-changing personal benefits from plant medicine and Kambo ceremonies deep in the heart of the South American rainforest he felt a calling to begin a new chapter in life with his Peruvian healing centre.

Living a symbiotic life with the jungle, Omar harvests his own Kambo sustainably from the local frog population, ensuring a healthy balance to the local forest ecosystem without overfarming. Working closely with local tribes, natives and shamans Omar runs immersive retreats for those brave enough to venture deep into the heart of the jungle.

In a fascinating 90-minute discussion Jon and Omar deep dive into the traditions of native medicines and the importance of maintaining sustainable Kambo harvesting practices.

In this episode:

  • Psychedelics for depression

  • Can Kambo be dangerous?

  • Does Kambo leave scars?

  • What are Kambo sticks and how to harvest them?

What is Kambo secretion?

"Kambo is the secretion of the Phyllomedusa bicolour frog, which comes from the Amazon. The frog secretes this substance on to its skin and it acts as a natural sunblock, it’s a moisturiser and protection for the frog’s skin. ALthough the frogs have no natural predators, the Kambo secretion is also a poisonous substance acting as a final line of defense against predation."

- Jonathan Gold, Founder, Planet Kambo


Planet Kambo Podcast #7: Healing with Sexuality & Connection

In the mystic world of human sexuality, fetishes and tantra, what can take some women only a few days to get the hang of can take many men years of dedicated practice and high-level self-discipline to master. Believed by esoteric Hindu and Buddhist traditions to be not only the secret to human bliss and nirvana but also a mystic doorway unlocking a soul's full healing potential.

Jon explains how men, with years of practice, can circulate the energy of retained semen creating a micro-cosmic orbit around the body's chakra system. Monks, ancient yogic practitioners and even fighters have testified that the practice of withholding and harnessing one's sexual energy can heal the body of traumatic bioenergetic blockages and boost mental and physical performance to heightened levels.

Never a dull moment on this weeks show as the frog-squad share their personal experiences of how sex and intimacy can not only be a titillating hobby but also a scared expression of divinity. With everyone's favourite topic of discussion on the table, be sure to plug in your headphones if listening at work.

In this episode we go over:

  • What is the practice of tantra?

  • What is a Tantric relationship?

  • Codependent relationships in lockdown

  • The crucible of sexual relationships

  • How sexual issues can be all in our heads

  • Spirituality and sex

  • How sex can be a path to enlightenment and clear your chakra system

  • How women can harness their sexual energy through exercise

  • How men can become multi-orgasmic

  • Celibacy and no fap

  • And releasing sexual and emotional trauma through de-armouring