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Planet Kambo Frogcast #1

Planet Kambo's first Frogcast, in this episode we talk about:

•What is Kambo?

•Different ways to take the medicine; Sapo style vs. Kambo style

•How Kambo works in your body and brain to strengthen your immune system and clear you of any emotional, psychological or physical blockages

•Jon's path into working with Kambo and becoming a Kambo practitioner

•How to know if you're being called to work with Kambo

•Spiritual resources that might help you on your spiritual path

•And the different kinds of purges Jon has witnessed on Kambo

It's a pretty packed podcast with lots of relevant information for those aspiring to work with the medicine or even become a practitioner. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments, and we appreciate you liking and subscribing to the channel as well. Also, if you want to get in touch with us and have a conversation just email



So okay, hi guys I’m Ryan, I’m here with the founder of, Jon.

Hello guys, I’m here.

And yeah, we’re just going to get started in the first podcast so it might be a little bit etchy and rough around the edges because we’re trying to find our feet.

Absolutely, but I’m sure it will be an interesting chat.

So Jon, why don’t you start off by telling people a little bit about what Planet Kambo is first of all, just so they’ve got an idea.

Ok, so for those of you that don’t know, if you’ve just found this podcast and you’ve got no idea what Kambo is I’ll just briefly explain, so Kambo is a medicine that comes from the Amazon jungle it’s a secretion of a jungle frog, the giant monkey frog.

I didn’t know it was called that actually.

Yeah, it’s got a few names. I think the official name is the, yeah, it’s the Phyllomedusa bicolour. So Kambo is the secretion of the Phyllomedusa bicolour frog, which comes from the Amazon. So the frog secretes this, this substance on to its skin and it’s a natural, actually it’s a sunblock, it’s a moisturiser and a sunblock for the frog’s skin, but it’s also a poisonous substance so the frog is brightly coloured and it doesn’t have any natural predators, so if an animal were to try to eat the frog that substance would stop the animal from eating it.

So it’s a survival mechanism.

It’s a survival mechanism, but as I said it also serves a purpose for the frog it’s a moisturiser and a sunblock and actually, you can watch videos of the frog and the frog actually takes its little, I don’t know what you call them hands, paws whatever frogs, you know the name.


Feet, yeah, and it rubs this substance all over its body, so it secretes this substance and it rubs it all over its body and for centuries the indigenous tribesmen and women have been using this as a medicine. So what they do is they safely and humanely extract this secretion from the frog, so the frogs aren’t harmed they’re captured briefly and then the secretion is wiped from the skin of the frog and it’s put onto sticks and it’s dried and then the way that you receive Kambo is that you make these small burns on the skin, just very, very light, superficial burn on the skin with a hot stick and then you rub it with a tissue and the top layer comes off exposing the dermis underneath, so there’s no blood drawn or anything like that.

And then you put this secretion on the wound, and in the Kambo you have these peptides and neuropeptides and those go through the lymphatic system straight to the brain and they cause this deep purging, detox process, it’s a process yeah, that you go through and it’s a very, very powerful medicine it works on many different levels, we call it a multi-dimensional purge. So it clears out all the toxins from your body it can clear out negative energy, it can clear out emotional blockages, but it’s quite an intense process, so that’s what Kambo is. And Planet Kambo, we are a company an organisation and we run Kambo workshops, ceremonies, we do training so we train people to give Kambo to be Kambo practitioners, and we also sell products, Kambo and other medicines that are used at the ceremonies so there’s a tobacco based substance that we use it’s called Rapéh, which is a tobacco snuff and also another medicine called Sananga which is an eye-drop and yeah, we work with these medicines and we also sell them.

Ok great, well, I’ve had my first Kambo ceremony last week and I did it Sapo style the way the Peruvian tribes take it and Kambo style is the Brazilian tribes, and the difference is, Sapo style you drink water before you take the Kambo…

No, no, no.

Sorry, you don’t drink water and then you wait until you feel sick and then you start drinking water and it’s supposed, it’s a smoother process, but I don’t have a reference.

Yeah, you don’t have a reference. So from my experience having done it both ways, the way we mostly have done it up until recently is you drink a lot of water before you take the Kambo and then you go through the process and you know you purge you vomit, but when you drink all that water it makes the process more concentrated in the stomach and it feels more rough, that’s how I would describe it. It’s a more, what’s the word, I won’t say physically intense, but it’s a rougher process it’s more of a purging aspect to it, when you do it without the water and you wait until you’re ready to be sick before you drink the water, I’ve found the process to be much smoother, but some people will prefer to do it Kambo style and others might prefer to do it this other way, Sapo style. I personally, prefer doing it Sapo but it’s, there are different ways to use this medicine.

Well, maybe I’d be interested in trying it Kambo style as well because I think handling it after the Sapo style it was ok so, we’ll see what happens.


But, so, Kambo you could say it’s quite an unconventional path to go down, so.


Because, essentially, you’re a bit like a shaman in London really, you know, working with these tribal medicines.

It’s definitely a shamanic process, so there is a physical, scientific, biological thing that’s happening in terms of the research that’s been done into Kambo, they know what’s in it and they know how it works on a physical level. Kambo, essentially, is a messenger so a lot of people when they look at Kambo, because it’s a poisonous substance they think, ok so you’re poisoning somebody, and the vomiting is the body reacting to poison, but that’s not actually how it works. When you put, if you were to eat Kambo, if you were to ingest it, then it’s poisonous, but when it goes through the skin it’s actually only the peptides and the neuropeptides that go through the body and they go straight to the brain and essentially, the peptides are like messengers, they’re like keys and in the brain you have receptors that are like locks, and the keys fit the locks and essentially, all Kambo does is that it says to the body, do all of your healing processes now. They all happen at the same time, so for example, when you get flu you get a fever, your body heats up in order to kill the virus. Well, when you do Kambo you get Kambo fever, when you get food poisoning you’ll bring up bile and with Kambo when you vomit, you know, you’ll get the bile coming up, so essentially it’s a deep healing process and Kambo just initiates that process.

So the question you asked me was how did I get into it?

Wait, just to wrap that point up, so essentially Kambo is like unpicking a lock into someone’s own personal healing process.

Correct. Exactly.

To rid themselves of any emotional, psychological kind of issues they’ve been dealing with. It’s like a deep purge that gets rid of, basically, a lot of the shit that people are carrying.

Exactly. Exactly, and in terms of the physical aspect of the process, the body can already do it. The Kambo doesn’t make the body do anything that it can’t already do, but the Kambo makes it all happen in a very intense way at the same time. So it initiates this deep healing process and it wakes up the body’s own healing process and it also wakes up the immune system, which we can talk about a bit later.

So it is unconventional, I’m not quite sure how I, ha, here I am doing this, but how did I get here?

Well, you’ve got a very interesting background.

Yeah, I used to work in an office. You know I worked in an office for ten years and then I was a professional poker player, for a while and I’d always been interested in these kinds of medicines and various healing modalities, and then I, the first time I did Kambo was about ten years ago. I went to another, to a retreat for something else, but they were also offering Kambo and I did it, and it was a very powerful experience, I didn’t have a full purge the first time, I didn’t take a lot. I only took a little bit, but it was a powerful process, and then I found somebody a practitioner in Amsterdam, and then whenever I would go to Amsterdam every six months or so, I would do Kambo when I would go there. So I would do it periodically, and I got a lot of benefit from it. I found I never got sick, so people, this is the aspect with the immune system, once you start doing Kambo you don’t get sick anymore, colds and flus stop happening. It does something amazing to the immune system.

So I was doing it periodically and then more recently, my business partner and I, Dave, who’s the co-founder of Planet Kambo, with me, we had another business which we decided wasn’t what we wanted to do, and you know, we were closing it down and we were looking for something new to do and then this came up.

It was more life-coaching before, covering a lot of different areas.

Yeah, that’s right, yeah, but this came up and we looked into it and we thought ok, this is something that hasn’t been done properly before. There are Kambo practitioners around, but it’s got a very, what’s the word? It doesn’t have a very professional, clinical aspect to it, it looks…

It’s not been branded in that way before.

No, no and to the untrained eye if Joe Bloggs just saw it, he would be like ‘I’m not doing that’ and what we’re trying to do with Planet Kambo is bring Kambo into the twenty-first century, so we keep the traditional aspect to it. We do a ceremony, it has a very tribal, kind of feel to it but it’s also done in a very professional, clinical way, so the hygiene protocols are in place, proper training, these things so that we can offer Kambo to a wider range of people who might otherwise have not found it. Because, traditionally, the only people that do Kambo are people who already do these sorts of things and what we’re trying to do is bring Kambo to the world, to other people who would never have heard of it.

Yeah, so Planet Kambo is essentially a vehicle to make it more friendly to people who it could be beneficial towards, but who would otherwise not have any interest in.


Yeah, so when was the earliest signs, because I’m kind of interested, I’ve done some Kambo with you and we went through a purging process, but I’m kind of interested in how does someone become drawn to this? And maybe this can help answer a wider question, because you seem to have been called to work with Kambo, so yeah.

Yeah, so there are some of us in this world who are what’s called ‘light-workers’, this will be healers, energy healers, people that like to help and heal other people and it’s often something that you don’t really choose, it just ends up, you realise suddenly, this is what I’m doing. So in that respect, I think most people that are drawn to Kambo, especially to be a practitioner, are light-workers. It’s not like, you’re not going to get, maybe in the future, but not now sort of like a doctor who decides that he wants to incorporate Kambo into his work, because Kambo’s not an approved medicine. There’s been no clinical trials done. There’s been research done, but never actually tested it and done any proper clinical trials so obviously we don’t claim to cure any diseases, even though I know Kambo can be amazing for a lot of different health conditions, we don’t explicitly say it definitely helps with this and it definitely helps with that. And the truth is it works in different ways, with different people, it’s not like a pharmaceutical where you have a particular drug that you take for a particular problem. So for example, you’ve got a skin rash and you go to the doctor and they give you a steroid cream and it’s only for that purpose. When you take Kambo it’s healing on a more holistic level, in much the same way that Chinese medicine works.

Ok, so yeah, I think in the medical community they call that acute treatment, so if there’s something that’s designed to deal specifically with the symptoms of something, but Kambo is more generally applied and can be beneficial for a lot of different areas because it’s kind of purging you on a physical, emotional and psychological, spiritual level as well.

Correct, correct. There’s a lot of, it works on the brain in different ways so like I say, there’s a whole host of peptides in the Kambo that work in the brain in different ways. So it can do a lot of different things for different people, yeah.

Ok great, and yeah, some people might be listening and they’re interested in perhaps working with the medicine, so how would somebody become a practitioner if that’s what they want to do?

Yeah, well, we offer training at Planet Kambo so you can get in touch with us and find out about the training that we offer and we offer an intensive training course with the option of joining the Planet Kambo team and then you can assist at our ceremonies and you can become a proper Planet Kambo practitioner we can funnel clients to people, so really what Planet Kambo will become will be the global hub for Kambo.

For Kambo practitioners.


And then it’s just like, you’ve got your own personnel going out there and doing their own private Kambo ceremonies and that’s how it’s going to evolve.

Yeah, exactly, so we have our London Planet Kambo ceremonies, but once somebody is trained with us then of course they can run their own ceremonies and we’re happy to help them to do that, so.

Ok, you used to be a computer programmer.

I did, a long time ago.

And the reason I bring that up is because that’s quite a logical left-brain, kind of process and now I see you with the ceremonies and the Kambo and all this kind of stuff, so I’m just wondering how did that part of Jon, kind of evolve?

Ok, it’s a good question, so I’ve always had a very analytical mind, I’ve always been, as a kind I was into computer games and in a way having a very analytical mind and a very logical mind makes you a good teacher, because you can explain things in a very logical way that people understand, but the problem is, which is left-brain, if you’re always left brain your creativity and your connection to source if you want to call it that to the universe can be stifled, because left-brain is important, but left-brain is all ego. It’s all numbers and strategy and thinking, thinking, thinking all the time and part of my journey, I know this is what my journey is, is being able to keep that logical mind because it’s a very powerful tool, but also to fuse it with the spiritual, the right brain.

The right brain, the emotional, story-teller, the narrative, the poet, the creative aspect.

That’s it. That’s it. Yeah, and I know that’s the case and something that I’ve discovered recently, which I’ve never been into before. I never really got into it, but a few people mentioned it to me and I’ve looked into it is numerology and life-path numbers and this kind of thing, and obviously whether you believe in that stuff or not, but I looked at what my one is and it made a lot of sense to me in that my, I’m a seven and part of the seven’s journey is fusing the logical mind with that right-brain spiritual, creative aspect, fusing the two and finding that balance, rather than being very, very left-brain dominant, which I’ve always been. So what’s been happening to me, the more I’ve got into this is I’m starting to open energetically to universal energy, which comes from that side, the right-brain fusing that with the left-brain and being able to make the best of both, rather than being very, very left-brain and having my right-brain kind of shut down, which is how I’ve always been and as a computer programmer it’s all left-brain, that’s what it is.

Yeah, did you find that you had a moment where you just felt too comfortable feeling logical and in your left-brain and then you kind of, almost like a personal rebellion you went on a different path because of that?

No, go on.

Yeah, I felt after going to university and I studied economics and that’s kind of similar left-brain logical, logical processes and then it’s kind of like training one arm at the gym, you’re building the muscle on one arm, but then you’ve got this other aspect of yourself which is not being dealt with, so yeah, some people might find that they go through a different stage where they become very left-brain oriented and then they’re coming more into right-brain spheres, and this definitely, well, you’ve fused the two but this is definitely something that, because you talk about Kambo in a very scientific way, you talk about peptides and how it gets into the lymphatic system, but you’ve also got that creative sort of emotional connection to the more shamanic aspects of the tradition of Kambo.

Yeah, and that’s something that’s developing in me, this is like, like the left-brain has always been there it’s how I’ve always been and the right-brain is something that’s starting to develop, but in terms of where I was working it just got to the point where I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing. I hated being in an office, if you enjoy your work and you love going whatever it is that you love going to do that’s great, but if you start to hate your job, going and spending all day somewhere that you just don’t enjoy. It’s like a prison sentence, it’s awful and it got to the point where I just didn’t enjoy what I was doing and I hated, you know the alarm would go off in the morning and I’d dread going in, because I couldn’t bear to sit there doing this thing that I didn’t enjoy and that was what got me really out of the rat race, and then I started playing poker at the time and I was like, ok you know what, I can play poker for a living, I don’t need to, I enjoy poker. I don’t think poker’s the healthiest thing to do. It was a necessary transition for me it got me out of the nine to five, but I don’t think it was ever going to be a long-term thing for me. Poker’s a very interesting game it’s a fun game, but if you’re doing it for a living, especially, I was playing online, then you’re just locked into a computer game all day that’s what it became. It becomes a very unsocial thing, poker players find it hard to live with balance because it’s addictive as well so when you play poker you’re constantly firing off your dopamine, which is the rewards part of your brain and then that becomes very addictive so poker for me was kind of a segue into getting out of the nine to five work aspect.

So still in front of a computer, still kind of using your logical brain.


Gave you that extra freedom.

Gave me that freedom, to then kind of branch out into other things.

Yeah, branch out’s a good term, I was going to say spread your wings a little bit.

Yeah, absolutely.

So have you, I’m just kind of interested, because this goes over into the spiritual community as well, have there been any things that have called out to you that have shown you that this is your path in particular, like any kind of synchronicities or amazing kind of alignments of things just lining up?

Some things, yeah, it’s happened recently to be honest with you, because I’ve been in the process of awakening for the last few years, but it’s accelerated recently and by awakening I’m talking about spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening, whatever you want to call it. And for most people it’s something that happens over a period of years or a lifetime, very rarely you’ll get someone who suddenly wakes up and they’re fully enlightened, it’s very rare. So I’ve been on this process for a while, but recently it started accelerating.

Just as a segue, if someone feels drawn to what we’re talking about now are there any good books that you’d recommend?

Enlightenment stuff?


Let me think, what are some good books, I can give you some authors, well, I can give you some guys that are on Youtube as well, one of the best guys is Rupert Spira, he was one of the better teachers for me because he’s very logical. So he would explain these spiritual concepts and he would dress them up in a framework that my logical mind could understand. So I read a lot of books years ago and it always seemed like gobbledygook and when I listened to Rupert Spira suddenly I was like ok, I get it, I get what he’s saying, but it is still words, and when it comes to this sort of enlightenment stuff the words aren’t it because you can’t really say what it is, because it can’t be said. Teachers can only point to something, they can’t say what it is.

It goes beyond anything you could describe in words.


I think they use the term Gnosis, don’t they, it’s something you feel in your bones.

Exactly, that’s exactly it, but yeah, Rupert Spira is very good, he resonated with me, but there’s other teachers that might resonate with you. There’s a guy, who else is decent? Mooji, doesn’t resonate with me, but he’s less logical more feeling way of talking about these things and obviously you’ve got Eckhart Tolle, who wrote The Power of Now, one of the first books I read. Who else is good? There’s Fred…

CWG by Neale Donald Walsh

Oh yeah, of course, Conversations With God, I’ve read all of them, very good books. There’s a guy called Fred Davis who is a lesser known non-duality teacher. He’s got some YouTube videos, he’s got some very good books. Fred Davis, his books are very good, they’re short but they’re really to the point, I’ve done some Skype sessions with him as well, he’s a very good teacher. Who else? Jim Newman, he’s a lesser known one, but Jim Newman is very, very direct. If you’re not already of an understanding it won’t make any sense, where as Rupert Spira, I could show Rupert Spira to someone that’s never known about this stuff and they would kind of get what he’s saying, whereas, someone like Jim Newman or there’s another guy called Tony Parsons, they’re so direct, they’re telling you exactly how it is and they don’t dress it up. So it’s not for beginners, that’s really, really kind of direct teachings, but there’s a lot of guys around, and once you look up these guys, like if you look on Youtube there’ll be other teachers out there as well. There’s another guy called Leo at, he’s really good.

Oh yeah, I’ve seen some of his stuff.

He’s done a lot of work, and his videos started out as self-help and then very quickly moved into enlightenment, he’s done a lot of work and he’s very, very advanced. He’s does a lot of work with powerful psychedelics, does a lot of solo meditation retreats these kinds of things, so.

There’s no shortage of resources now with the internet for spiritual, if you want to call it spiritual or truth work, enlightenment work.


Non-duality, yeah, we won’t, we’ll save it for another podcast because if we get bogged down into the non-duality stuff I could talk for hours and hours about that, but we’re going to get side-tracked, so as I’ve been saying I’ve been going through this awakening process and it’s been accelerating and then more recently, I’ve had some quite powerful awakening experiences and the numerology thing was something that came to me recently, where I had a synchronicity where I met someone who told me about it, and then someone else told me about it and I looked it up and realised I was a seven and I’m reading the description of the seven and I’m like ‘ok, this is it’, it’s describing me, it’s describing me to a tee. The way my mind works, the seven is the most spiritual of all the numbers and it’s this fusing of the logical with the spiritual and being able to articulate quite deep and complex spiritual ideas, metaphysical ideas in a way that people understand and I’ve been doing that for a long time, and I didn’t realise that that’s what was happening, but that’s what I’ve been doing so the life-path thing was really seeing it written in front of me, oh right, I was always going to do this. I would never have been happy working in an office, because it wouldn’t have fulfilled me, whereas this work is fulfilling for a seven.

I think the idea of a life-path, is that we have free will in life, but there’s also an element of determinism as well and the best way I’ve heard it described is that, your life path is you running through a corridor, but you choose which way you’re going to run. It’s like the flow of a river it has a destination, it has some kind of determinism and destiny to it, but you still have free will in the way you create that and present that to the world essentially.

But also, and this is for another podcast, actually free will is an illusion, but we can talk about that in another…

But, there’s still some though, right?

It’s actually completely paradoxical and as with most of the spiritual stuff everything is the answer is both and neither at the same time. So you do have free will and you don’t have free will at the same time, which doesn’t make any sense, but that’s what it is. From an absolute point of view free will cannot exist, because there’s no ‘you’, there isn’t actually a ‘you’ so in order for there to be free will there would need to be an entity that chooses what happens, but from an absolute point of view, there are no separate entities. So there’s only the will of the universe, but again it’s for another podcast.

We’re getting into the non-duality stuff.

We can definitely have some really deep conversations about that.

Another metaphor to describe it, is like the seed of a tree, the seed has the blueprint for the tree inside of it, so that’s another good way to think about it and then depending on, it’s the nature / nurture argument depending on what happens and the storms that come along it will affect the growth of the potential of the tree.

Right, yeah, that makes sense.

But yeah, you were still going on about how you got into it, but that was your life-path number, but any major moments where you felt that things were lining up and you were being called, I mean how does someone know they’re drawn to this are there any specific?

Um, I don’t remember this happening for me, but a lot of people start seeing frogs. It’s very interesting.


When people get called to do Kambo, they start seeing frogs everywhere. Not necessarily, to become a practitioner, but suddenly they’ll find out about Kambo and they want to do it, not as a practitioner, but they want to receive Kambo, then they’ll start seeing frogs everywhere and that’s usually a sign.

It’s interesting, I did see some frogs in the garden in the summer.

Did you? Yeah.

And I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen that. I think I saw three in a row, which is another kind of synchronistic number.

It’s really about these ancient healing modalities, that go back hundreds, whatever, thousands of years, that are, natural, you know, like the intelligence that’s in nature, that’s way beyond pharmaceutical drugs. I’m not saying all pharmaceutical drugs are bad, because they’re not, and a lot of them when they’re needed they can be fantastic, but there are natural healing medicines in nature and loads of them that haven’t been discovered yet. And the guys that are in touch with nature, so for example, we live in cities, we’re completely disconnected from nature. We have stresses and toxins and things that indigenous people don’t have. Indigenous people that live off the land, they live in the jungle, they walk on the earth, they sleep on the earth, they’re connected to the animals and to nature, they are receivers of that intelligence and we’re disconnected from it, because of the way we live. Neither is right or wrong, it’s just, it is what it is and a lot of these medicines, come from that, through indigenous methods and you know, from tribesmen and women.

Yeah, I mean the common criticism of modern medicine, well not a criticism, but understanding the limits of it is that it deals with the symptoms, sometimes, with pharmaceuticals, the criticism is that it doesn’t get to the root cause and with Kambo, in particular, well we’re not, you know, with some of these more natural, holistic medicines we’re trying to say that maybe it tries to tackle some deeper issues.

That’s right, so it’s similar to Chinese medicine, so Chinese medicine doesn’t treat symptoms it treats the root cause, so if any ailment you have, yes, you could fix it by treating the symptoms, so if you’ve got a rash on your skin, you can go to a doctor and he’ll give you a steroid cream, the steroid cream will suppress your immune system on the site of the skin and that will stop the rash, but that’s not stopping the reason why the rash is happening, whereas something like Chinese medicine they won’t give you something for the symptom, they might, I mean they might give you something to help with symptoms just to soothe them, but they’re really getting to the root cause through things like acupuncture and these various healing modalities within Chinese medicine. So Kambo really is an elixir for a human being, it’s a tonic of peptides and neuropeptides in that Kambo that are very beneficial for a human being.

What are peptides and neuropeptides?

So peptides are amino acids, they’re essentially proteins, similar to you know when you eat protein if you’re working out and stuff, we need protein to live but these are slightly different, but you know protein is a building block of biological systems in nature, so all animals, you know, we have a protein, so peptides are proteins and they affect different processes in the body and neuropeptides actually are a signalling mechanism within the brain, so neuropeptides actually are a neuronal signalling system in the brain. So the peptides work on the body, the neuropeptides are working in the brain and they work synergistically to bring out this Kambo process, so that’s how Kambo works on a physical level, if you went and talked to a tribesman he wouldn’t know anything about peptides or any of that stuff. To a tribesman what Kambo does is it removes panema, so for them panema is negative energy and it will, it’s stored in the body and in your etheric field, it will manifest as bad luck, depression, confusion, laziness, lack of direction in life. So if you went to a tribesman and you said, oh, my work keeps failing, my relationships are terrible, I’m tired all the time, he’d say ok well you have panema, if you do Kambo then you’ll lift the panema. So to them it’s a different thing, for them it’s not a scientific process it’s just about, it’s more of a spiritual process, where it’s lifting the panema and I think that they’re both happening at the same time, from a physical aspect when you see someone doing Kambo and they purging the bile, physically they’re clearing out the bile, from their bile duct, but energetically that’s the panema coming out.

So yeah, that’s what we mean when we say it works on a lot of different levels.

Totally, yeah and I’ve seen some insane processes with people. I’ve seen some very shamanic. It’s the only way I can describe it.

Yeah, go on.

Totally, shamanic process there’s one person in particular, I remember a lady that I treated and she had a lot of trauma and I did a private session with her and during that session, what I watched was a shamanic process, where she started to make very strange body movements, almost animal-like noises were coming out and she wasn’t, it was just happening you know. She wasn’t in control of what’s happening and it was making her go back to the fear that she felt when she was a child, unprocessed fear that had been blocked and pushed down was coming up, you know, and that was incredible to watch. That’s probably the most dramatic thing that I’ve seen with Kambo, and when I watched that and I thought, if ever there was evidence that Kambo works on more than a physical level that was it. It was spectacular to say the least.

I’ve not seen that, I’ve just seen people purging and being sick in the buckets, Yeah, that’s more of an extreme scenario.

Yeah, every now and then you’ll get someone who goes through a particularly difficult process, but another thing that I see quite often is if you have an emotional blockage or a particularly difficult repressed emotion, Kambo will make you feel that emotion before you purge, so I’ve seen this mostly with women where they can’t purge they feel stuck and then they cry, and then as soon as they surrender and they cry then they purge. It’s the emotional, as soon as the emotion is released then the purge comes, and again if ever there was a sign that Kambo is not just a physical thing, but that it’s working on different levels then that’s it right there.

Yeah, you hear that quite a bit with plant medicines that you have to go into the emotion and the darkness and crap basically, first.

Totally, you do, the sewer, you have to wade into the sewer of your own issues and it makes you, all these medicines, that you have to face your stuff, your shadow, your fears they all come up and these medicines are tools to become your best self and to become your best self you have to embrace all of that, you have to face your shadow, you have to face your fears, you have to deal with those emotions and when you come out the other side you just feel, much, much better.

So, I’m curious you do Kambo over the course of two or three times the first time you’ve done it right, because it helps clear everything out and once isn’t essentially enough, but how long have you been working with it yourself, and do you feel like, because in economics there’s something called the law of diminishing returns where the more you do something the less you get out of it, essentially, so are you still getting something out of it when you do it yourself?

Yeah, so because we pick up stuff all the time, stress, energetic attachments, toxins, we’re living in a polluted environment, we’re polluted physically, but we’re also polluted energetically, it depends what kind of person you are, some people who are very empathic and very open energetically, who don’t necessarily have the protection are going to pickup a lot of stuff from other people and obviously viruses and toxins in our food, we all know that the state of pollution at the moment is pretty bad, so from that respect Kambo is always going to be good, it’s always going to be good to have a purge, it’s always going to be good to clear out, so periodically it’s not something where you’re going to do it and eventually you’re going to think ‘oh, I don’t need it anymore’, it’s an ongoing process where every now and then you’re going to be like, actually, I really need to clear out.

Yeah, because a lot of people who come to the events, the ceremonies are also, some of them have PTSD or a lot of them heal trauma or unprocessed trauma.

So that aspect can get completely corrected or healed or whatever, you want to call it. I mean the thing with PTSD, it depends how badly traumatised they are, most traumatised people you never really get rid of it, it’s just an ongoing process of slowly going over it, it’s a lifetime of work, depending on the level of trauma that you have, but let’s just say that you had a particularly traumatic incident and there was a blockage and the Kambo released it, fantastic, but it’s never a bad thing, just periodically to cleanse your body. I mean there are other cleansing methods you know, colonic irrigation, enemas these types of things, there’s other ways to cleanse the body and Kambo is just one of them so we all need to cleanse ourselves and Kambo is just a very effective cleanse, that gets rid of some stuff that you didn’t even know you had.

Yeah, and when you see the buckets and the bile and the yellow, the orange stuff I mean it’s quite extraordinary what the body’s holding onto and you wouldn’t know about so you know, just as a purge, just to get some crap out of your system it’s a good methodology.

And I see some, you know, some of the stuff I’ve seen come out of people different colours like the purge is either yellow or green the bile, but I’ve seen brown, I’ve seen red, I’ve seen blue and I’ve seen black, I’ve seen black purges before like thick black ink coming out of people.

And what do the colours correspond to if there’s a certain colour?

To be honest with you, I couldn’t tell you for sure because nobody really knows, there’s some theories, but because there’s been no real clinical trials done, nobody’s tested them properly we don’t know, we don’t know, but I know that black purges tend to be the deepest ones?

So the deepest, yeah, so the darker it is generally?

Yeah, but most purges are yellow or green.

Unless, you’ve had coffee, yes obviously if you’ve drank something like that or juices or things like that can colour the purge, but ultimately there could be other organs that are releasing as well as the liver and the gall bladder so, but hopefully, what I would like is that Planet Kambo would be the ones that fund the clinical trials, when the time comes.

Oh, that’s interesting.

Yeah, is there, so what’s the vision for Planet Kambo where do you see it going? Are you just going to concentrate on Kambo or are you going to go into other modalities?

No, we’re just starting to branch out so we’re going to be really what will happen is, we’re going to become a healing brand and Kambo will be one of the things that we do, even though when we started Kambo is the focus, I’ve been talking to David, my business partner and what we want to be is a healing brand and we’ll offer these different things, these different modalities, like TRE which is trauma release exercise, shamanic breath-work, meditation these kinds of things, different healing workshops and Kambo will be one of them.

Is that something you’re going to start in the New Year or?

Yes, absolutely, yeah we’re going to be starting trauma release exercise workshop in the New Year, we’ve got some other ideas as well of things that we’re going to do.

And what does trauma release exercise kind of entail? Because, I know a lot of people, maybe who are listening have an interest or maybe that’s something that resonates with the audience.

Yeah, so trauma release exercise you can Google it and find out about it, but essentially what trauma release exercise does is it mimics, the natural shaking process that animals and human beings do to release trauma. So I’ll give you an example, if a gazelle or an animal is being chased by a lion, if it gets away, it will lay on the ground and it will shake for about twenty minutes quite violently then it will get up and run away as if nothing’s happened, so the animal instinctively is able to shake off its trauma.

So it’s traumatised and it shakes it off?

It’s traumatised and it shakes it off, and as human beings we’ve stifled this process. We have a lot of stored stress in the body that doesn’t, isn’t released, and with trauma release exercise it’s a series of stretches and tensioning exercises for the pelvis and the legs and the lower part of the body and then you do these exercises, and then you lay down on the floor, and you lie flat on your back, but with your knees up, so your feet are pulled in close to your body, and your knees are up, you hold them in a certain position and then this shaking starts to happen and it comes from your pelvis. So it mimics the shaking of, you know, the trauma release shaking and it’s quite powerful so essentially you’re tricking the body into releasing its stress and its trauma.

That’s interesting, so you pull the legs up and you do what exactly?

So you do a whole series of exercises, tensioning and stretching exercises then you lie flat on your back and…

Because sometimes there’s a point where you get to a stress point and you start to naturally shake.

Exactly, so it’s the same like if you train in the gym, let’s say you do a leg day in the gym right, if you were going to go and do a leg day at the gym and then you came home, you could do trauma release exercise with it, that could be the equivalent of doing all the tensioning exercises and then you lay on the floor and I don’t know if I can describe it, but you lay flat on the floor, but then you lift you bring your feet towards your backside, so your knees are now coming up into a position where they’re perpendicular to the floor, if you know what I mean, so your legs are in sort of a vertical position, but your feet are still on the floor and then you open your hips slightly, so you let your knees fall out to the side and you’ll find that position where you’ll start shaking.

And you get the vibrations.

The vibrations, yeah, I mean I’m sure yeah, those of you who exercise if you’ve done a hard training session at the gym when you’re doing the last few reps you start to get this shaking, it’s kind of like that.

Okay, okay that’s interesting and if people want to find out more about that where do they go?

They come to the Planet Kambo website.

It’s, if you go to the ceremonies tab that’s our schedule you’ll see all the stuff we do there with the dates and the venues, also if you’ve got questions, you know, drop us an email at and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have if you want to, you know I’m happy to have a phone call, you know, just to have a chat if you’ve got questions about these things, so, that’s what people can do to find out about it, and as we go on you can also check out our Facebook, you can like us on Facebook, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel, I’ll be making videos about all this stuff, all this new stuff that we’re doing there’ll be video series about what they’re about.

Yeah, ok, yeah there is some useful information on YouTube and they’re only five to seven minutes long, but if you like to listen to podcasts then hopefully we covered some of your questions and if you have anymore just get in touch.

Yeah, and there’ll be lots more to come, like I said there was a lot of stuff we could have gone off on tangents about like the non-duality stuff I could talk about that for hours, so there’s a whole bunch of stuff that we could talk about that we can have separate podcast episodes for.

It was quite an enjoyable podcast, I think that’s a good part to wrap it up.

Yeah, absolutely.

Ok guys, thanks for listening this has been Ryan and Jon and you’ve been listening to the first podcast and there’ll be lots more updates, if you like this then you can go to Facebook and Youtube and maybe get in touch and we’ll see you then.

See you later guys.


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