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Kambo. The Future, Today

Planet Kambo is a revolutionary holistic healing service & practitioner training company in London, UK. 

With the help & support of a loyal team, founders David Rees & Jonathan Gold aim to expand the reach of the medicine far beyond the growing London market through their rapidly growing network of skilled facilitators & practitioner training company; Planet Kambo Ltd. 

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Reset | Restore | Revive

6 figure revenue 

With no external funding or investments

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2000+ Kambo Treatments

In the growing London market 

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50+ Trained Kambo Practitioners


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Global exposure & mainstream adoption of the cathartic & life changing benefits of Kambo frog medicine. 

Through it’s weekly group cleansing events, quarterly immersive retreats & monthly high ticket training courses, Planet Kambo Ltd are driving a movement to bring ancient healing to the forefront of mainstream & high performance culture.

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B2B Training Courses 

Physical Products

Kambo Treatments

Digital Training Products 


Practitioner Training Courses 

Revenue Streams

Using a tiered product ecosystem, Planet Kambo has built multiple revenue streams & organically scaled their operation to a 6 figure business with no external funding or investment. 

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Product Position


High Performance

Make an impact with high altitude influencer marketing

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Unleashing Potential

Product precision beats timing, timing beats speed.

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Healing & Beyond

The latest performance enhancing & recovery treatment for athletes, fighters & celebrities.

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David Rees

Founder & Creative Director

With a forensic eye for aesthetic detail & navy seal operational discipline, creative director David Rees drives the strategic business vision for the company. 


Boasting over 15 years design agency, marketing & branding experience, Dave cut his teeth with industry heavyweights London Real & helped grow their business to 7 figure revenue. 

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Meet The Founders


Jonathan Gold

Founder & Lead Practitioner

Plant medicine veteran & Planet Kambo co-founder Jonathan Gold, left an unfulfilling 10 year IT career to pursue a higher path of healing, self discovery & enlightenment uniting him serendipitously with the transformational healing power of Kambo frog medicine. 


Now a skilled facilitator boasting thousands of recovery testimonials, Jonathan escaped the matrix of corporate enslavement & lives a life of service, duty & soul alignment.

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Psychedelic Space

With the imminent spike in mainstream demand in the growing psychedelic market, Planet Kambo through building key foundational assets ahead of time will ride the tidal wave of public interest bringing Kambo frog medicine treatment to the forefront of mainstream attention. 

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Seed Stage Use of Proceeds

The meta goal for the company is ownership & dominance of the Kambo space. Capital & resources should be front loaded into creating assets that not only become the backbone of scientific credibility, but also serve as positioning PK as the first to market & ‘Coca-Cola’ of the Kambo space.

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Scale & Franchise 10% 

Clinical Trials & Research 40% 

Marketing & Education 10% 

Company Infrastructure 20% 

Supply Chain 20% 


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