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Brennda Heimarsdóttir
Fitness Model

"Today, I am feeling invincible!! I managed to beat my record and lift heavier than on my last shoulder session... Kambo is changing my life for good. Kambo not only left this beautiful pattern on my body, it left on my soul the most beautiful feeling of willpower! 
Since I started my treatment, I became more positive, more active, more appreciative and somehow stronger! 

As much as I wish to share with the world all the incredible feelings I been experiencing straight after each session, it's just impossible... It's indescribable!"

Stella Paris
Glamour Model

"A week later I feel stronger and have more stamina at the gym. It’s helped on several levels, mentally, spiritually and physically."

Nia Davies
Health & Wellness Blogger

"I have never felt or measured better in the gym (longer, faster, stronger), the total systems-reset is great training for mental mindset. The results speak for themselves."

For a no holds barred review of a 3 session Kambo detox course from wordsmith & wellness warrior @niafaraway checkout this in-depth blog post detailing the science, benefits (and challenges) of the Kambo cleansing process.

Ella Gauntlett
Dancer & YouTuber 

"Last year I was suffering horrifically with chronic pain due to kidney stones. Whilst on the waiting list for an operation, I was willing to try anything to help with my pain. Along came Kambo. This is my video diary of my Kambo experience- the positives, the negatives and the somewhat ridiculous. (looking like a victim of plastic surgery gone wrong). Was it worth it? Yes. Did my friends and family think I was crazy? also yes".

Adam Stansbury
Plant Based Nutritionist & Personal Trainer 

"Energy feeling good, have a sense of clarity in my thoughts and mind feels sharp, looking forward to training in the gym today!"

Mantas Proscevicius
Fitness Model & Personal Trainer

"Feeling superhuman strength igniting my muscle fibers after my Kambo session a few days ago. The need of caffeine has been non-existent and the energy levels have been sky high. Supercharged with the Warrior Spirit!"

Jordan Stanford
Yoga Teacher & Personal trainer

 I have so far done 2 sessions of #Kambo with @planetkambo a ceremony involving the use of a toxin derived from a South American tree frog.