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Planet Kambo
Self Application Course

Supervised online home healing


Customised Coaching

4 hours of 1-1 video calls with founder and PK lead practitioner Jonathan Gold


Kambo Kit

Everything you'll ever need to self apply Kambo mailed direct to your doorstep


E-Learning Syllabus

Access to over 4 hours+ of premium Kambo training videos

Home Healing

Learn how you can self apply Kambo from the comfort of your own home. Eliminate the need to find a local ceremony or qualified practitioner and become confident in your own ability to self administer.

Whether you’ve never done Kambo before or you are a seasoned veteran in receiving Kambo you’ll get a bespoke 1-1 learning experience that will maximise your learning potential.

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Custom Coaching

The self application course will be individually tailored to your own previous experience level. Courses are made to fit your own schedule so you can apply for the course and go as quickly or as slow as you feel comfortable with.

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1-on-1 Live Learning

Real time Kambo tuition from the comfort of your home

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24/7 Support

Around the clock WhatsApp & email assistance

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Financing Options

Instalment payments available on request...

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Course Contents


4 x 1 hour 1-1 coaching video calls with Planet Kambo founder Jonathan Gold

Lifetime access to the premium Planet Kambo Certified Practitioner video course

PDF instruction manual


15% discount on all products at the Planet Kambo store...for life!

20% discount on the full Planet Kambo Practitioner Training Course (should you wish to become a certified practitioner)  

Kambo kit - everything you ever need to self apply Kambo mailed direct to your doorstep



Lifetime access to over 4 hours+ of premium Kambo training videos from the NEW practitioner e-learning syllabus.


Learn from home


Study at your own pace


Take your first step to becoming a practitioner


Supporting Materials

Everything you ever need to self apply Kambo mailed direct to your doorstep.

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Course Structure

Video Learning

The moment you commit & lock in your course you’ll be given full access to the video training modules and the PDF manual so you can begin learning right away. We’ll also ship your Kambo kit direct to your home so you’ll have all the tools to be ready for your first Kambo training call. We recommend watching the video product all the way through before you schedule your first call so you’ll have a thorough understanding of the process and be ready with any questions.

We do not recommend you begin Kambo self application without Jon’s live supervision on your first call.


Your first Q&A call

In your first call lead practitioner Jonathan Gold will go over the course structure and answer any questions you may have. In real time Jon will demonstrate the correct techniques for burning, mixing and self applying Kambo. By the end of the call you’ll have a customized Kambo journey mapped out, next, depending on your confidence level & rate of learning you have the option to begin microdosing on this first call (for those who are less experienced they can begin self applying on the 2nd call).


Your second call -  microdose live application

Your second call will be your first live Kambo application. Under Jonathan’s close supervision you’ll make your first burn and apply a micro dose of Kambo to yourself. You’ll be carefully guided through the process and this will give you a small taste of what a full Kambo experience will feel like.


Microdose self practice

You will have the necessary tuition & experience to begin practicing self applying small amounts of Kambo unsupervised.


Your third call - Full Kambo process live application

Your third call will be your first full Kambo process. Here you’ll apply a larger amount of Kambo (3-5 points) and go through a full Kambo purging process while under Jonathan’s supervision. Here you’ll learn what the different stages of a Kambo process feel like as you’re guided through the experience. We recommend you have a friend or family member to assist you in case of emergencies.


Full Kambo process practice

Over the next 2 weeks you’ll practice applying larger amounts of Kambo on your own.


Full Kambo process practice

In your final call you’ll do a full Kambo process with a larger number of points (5-7 points) under Jonathan’s supervision and have a final Q&A to answer questions and tackle issues that came up during the previous 2 weeks.


  • I don’t live in the city where the training takes place, can I stay at the training facilities?"
    Absolutely, we've got you covered! Luxury accommodation at the retreat center is included in the course cost, ensuring that you have a comfortable and convenient place to stay during the training, even if you don't live in the area where the training takes place
  • Do you offer instalment payments for the course fee?
    No, we don't offer installment payments for the course fee. After making the initial deposit, the course must be paid in full 10 days before the event.
  • Do I get a certification if I complete the course?
    Yes, all PKCP graduates receive certification at the end of course graduation ceremony. This certificate affirms you have completed the course & are now an accredited Planet Kambo practitioner.
  • Do you offer training in other countries?
    Currently we host all our live training events in the Europe, however private training is available on request. Please email to make enquiries.
  • I’m not sure I can make it to the next course. How often do you run training?
    We host our training courses every quarter, however we often sell spaces several months in advance so it’s important to secure your place on an upcoming course with a minimal deposit. We operate on a first come first served basis.
  • Do you offer private 1 on 1 training?
    Yes, private training is available on request. Please email to make an enquiry.

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