From home visits to private events we tailor make Kambo packages to suit your needs.


Planet Kambo offer private and personal, bespoke ceremony packages where we send the Planet Kambo team to your home or other private venue to host a more intimate ceremony.   


Want an intensive 1-1 treatment just for yourself? 


A member of the Planet Kambo team will come to your home and work with you 1-1 to allow you to go very deep with the medicine using multiple applications to really connect to the spirit of the Kambo and release toxins and energetic blockages you have been holding for a lifetime.

Have a group of friends that would all like to receive Kambo together? 


The Planet Kambo team can host an authentic and unforgettable Kambo experience for you and your friends. Kambo brings us closer together and there's no better way to bond with your friends that to go through a powerful Kambo initiation together.


You'll still receive the same high quality service you'd come to expect from Planet Kambo with music, meditation and the Rapeh tobacco, Sananga eye drops and Kambo treatment all included.


If you think a private ceremony is for you then please email us at and arrange a free phone consultation where we can discuss it further.




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