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Kambo Frog Medicine: How To Experience Kambo WITHOUT Purging?

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Hi everyone, its Jon here from Planet Kambo.

One of the biggest ’turn offs’ for anyone thinking of taking Kambo is the thought of purging, publicly into a bucket.

Now imagine if there was a way of getting the health benefits of Kambo without having to go through a physical purge process…

I'm in Slovakia at the moment, I'm visiting my girlfriend and I'm at my girlfriend's parents house. This is their dog “Donna”.

The weather is really good, it's super, super hot here. When I left London it was raining so it's really nice to be somewhere a bit warm. In this video what I want to talk about is something called Sapo.

Sapo is a different style of taking Kambo. With the the traditional method of taking Kambo as you know, you drink the water and take the Kambo and then you purge. With Sapo you don't drink the water before you take it, so SAPO is not necessarily about purging. Sapo is just taking the points without drinking the water first and going through the process.

Now you may purge, but generally it doesn't happen. It's actually the water that makes you nauseous. This is something that I realised, when you take the medicine and you don't drink all that water before you take it then you don't end up purging. You don't feel nauseous and don't purge, you feel all the other effects that you feel during the Kambo so you get the heart opening you get the blood rushing around but you don't get nauseous and you don't feel that unpleasant during the process, it's more of a meditation.

Kambo style vs Sapo style

It's a Meditative way to take Kambo. With the indigenous tribes that use Kambo, some of them will take it “Kambo style” and some of them will take it “Sapo style”. It depends on their tradition so a lot of the guys before they hunt when they use Kambo they take it “Sapo Style” so they can get the physical and mental boost, the faster reflexes the better vision and hearing but they're not necessarily putting themselves through this purging process. Sapo is something that i don't have great experience with. It's something I've done a couple of times and I want to experiment with it a bit more and then what I want to do is come back to you with my findings and hopefully this is a really cool way to take the medicine.

It's a more accessible way for people to take it so that you can experience some of the benefits of taking Kambo but without going through that purging process and that's definitely one of the reasons why a lot of people don't want to do it is because the whole thing about being sick puts people off so if going with it Sapo style can still give great benefits but maybe a slightly different effect then it can be a great thing so I'm going to do some work with it and then I'm going to make another video and come back to you and let you know what I’ve found, whether it's effective or not, or if it's different.

So far it feels great the times I've done it. I've only used a small amount of points, I haven't really pushed it with intensity but what I found is I get a real sense of the heart opening. My heart's beating fast and I’m feeling the blood rushing around and a real sense of heart opening and being able to sit in it for quite a long time. About 30 to 40 minutes after applying the medicine I'm still feeling it so it lasts quite a long time doing it this method.

You just put it on and you just leave it on and let it dry in its own time and it's more of a meditation so you're just sitting with it, you close your eyes and you just feel it. That's all from me for now, I will see you in the next video and I hope you're all having a great day.

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Sefana Wilde
Sefana Wilde
Aug 25, 2021

Any updates?

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