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The Frog Medicine Experience - KAMBO TRAINING

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Hi everyone it's Jon here from Planet Kambo.

Today I want to take you through the kambo process, so for those of you that have never done kambo before I want to explain to you what it's like, what it feels like, to do kambo. So the way the process works, the first thing that’s going to happen is the burns are going to be made on your skin. Now when the burns themselves are made it's very quick, the hot stick is only going to touch your skin for a split second, it really doesn't hurt that much. It's more the thought of it to be honest with you, so if you didn't know it's going to happen and somebody did it to you, you would barely feel it. It's more the thought that creates the feeling of there being some pain.

So after you've had your burns, at that point you drink the water, so now you’ll drink around 1 - 1.5 L of water so that you've got something in your stomach ready to purge because you need to have something in your stomach for the toxins to bind to in order to be able to purge. So you drink your water and then the kambo medicine will go on. It stings a little bit on the site where it goes, so as it goes on you’re going to feel a bit of burning, a bit of stinging. It's totally normal and nothing to worry about. And then you might notice the skin around the site where the medicine goes on might go a bit red and a bit blotchy, kind of blotchy white, and that's also normal and nothing to worry about.

Then the first thing that you actually going to feel as the kambo enters your body and it starts to go to work is you're going to feel heat and pressure around your head and neck and maybe your chest, this is not an unpleasant feeling, it's a kind of euphoric rush because what kambo does is it works as a vasodilator so the blood vessels are dilating the blood is starting to rush around, the blood's coming to the surface of the skin, your face might go bit red and you start to feel your pulse in your neck and you feel this pressure in your head and that's kind of the first stage of the kambo process.

Then what will happen is this feeling of heat and pressure will slowly start to subside and that will be replaced by a feeling of nausea and a kind of uneasiness, a restless kind of uncomfortable feeling and then this feeling will slowly start to intensify and then as the toxins start to be released especially the bile you’re going to start to feel really, really sick and the nausea is going to really intensify and then that's when the purging usually begins.

So it depends on the person, some people begin purging quite early on in the process, they just start to bring up water, for other people they won't really Purge until right near the very end when the bile is being flushed out of the body and the reason why you feel so sick when you take kambo is because all of these toxins are being released into the body, they're making you feel sick.

So the toxins are getting released, you start to feel really sick and uneasy and then you purge it all out into the bucket. Now throughout the kambo process I would say that realistically it's usually only about 10 to 15 minutes, maybe less where you feel really, really bad, where you feel really sick, the other parts of the process, like the beginning part when the blood vessels are dilating and you're feeling the pressure, it’s not unpleasant and then once you start to purge and the bile starts to come you start to feel a lot better, so it's really quite a short time in the process where you start to feel particularly bad, particularly sick, but to be honest with you I've done kambo many times and I work with people who do kambo all the time it's really not that bad.

We've all been through worse things in life than taking kambo and it's worth it to get all these toxins out of your body. Now as I said, once you start to purge you’re going to start to feel a lot better and then as you start to release the bile, it's really the bile that’s the main thing that makes you feel really sick, as you start to release the bile it's almost like at one point it’s like a switch goes off in your head and suddenly you just feel better you don't feel nauseous anymore you just feel relief and that's the sign that you've reached the end of the process

So there you have it, that's the kambo process in a nutshell. If you'd like to find out more information about kambo please check out the website we also offer practitioner training so if you'd like to learn how you can heal yourself and other people through using kambo medicine then please click the link in the description below this video and you'll get all the information about that.

Learn to heal yourself, family & loved ones check out the upcoming Kambo Practitioner Training Course:

See you in the next video


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