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What is Life?

Updated: Apr 30

We each possess distinct talents, personality traits, and passions—elements that define what excites and motivates us. The varitey is literally infinite. Why is it this way?

I'd like to share a short story with you about an insight that came to me at the Enchanted Forest Medicine Retreat in March 2024. This was a much contemplated subject for me but the answer hit me in a more visceral way. Being in such an amazing setting, around such great people and with some magical jungle medicine inside me this was an awe inspiring moment.

I was in the main house eating a well-earned meal after the evening's ceremony and I was sitting at the dinner table with a few of the attendees. To help paint a picture for you, you can see the table at the back of the picture above. To the right of the picture is the TV screen you can see in the picture below.

I was talking with a good friend and actually a neighbor of mine, Petr, and the conversation was getting quite deep. Then, a music video appeared on the TV and both Petr and I stopped talking to watch the video.

It was the music video for the song "Ayla Nereo - Let it in".

It's a song I know very well, an acappella track in which Ayla uses a looper and makes all of the vocals in the song, harmonizing with herself. This is a track that I know very well and often use as part of the playlist for the ceremonies.

I have heard it a hundred times but I'd never actually seen the video. In that moment, while watching a truly masterful musical performance, it was so obvious to me what life really is at its core.

Before you read on... watch the video.



At the most fundamental level, life is the universe expressing itself through form. Whether it's masterpieces of art, extraordinary musical performances, or the marvels of nature, all are manifestations of the source—be it called God, the universe, or another name—celebrating its existence.

It's the profound reality of something existing rather than nothing, engaging in an eternal dance with itself.

Quite a mind blowing thing to contemplate, wouldn't you agree? :)

As Alan Watts so eloquently put it, in that wonderful grandfatherly voice of his-

"What exists, reality itself is gorgeous. It is the plenum, the fullness of total joy. Wowee! and all the stars, if you like, out there in the sky are like a firework display on the 4th of July. The universe is a celebration, it's a fireworks show to celebrate that existence is. Wowee!

We are all part of that celebration and that's why we all have such unique and individual talents. We come together to create the celebration of a lifetime.

Let's celebrate together.


Aho for now,




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