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 Divine Moments of
Truth Retreats

In the pristine beauty of the Spanish countryside & surrounded by luscious vineyards & mouth-watering olive trees, we have found a truly sacred space. With a 50 person capacity, beautiful grounds & a stunning main ceremony hall, we couldn't think of a more perfect place to host these exclusive events.

Come & join us & begin a powerful and life-changing transformation. Harnessing the powerful synergy between Kambo & Amazonian Plant Medicine and using timeless indigenous healing modalities, you will be guided through powerful, unique and transformative plant medicine ceremonies that will leave you enchanted, enriched and exhilarated.​

These sacred metamorphic immersions will expand your consciousness in ways you can’t begin to imagine, open the doors of your third eye perception & accelerate your cosmic awakening process through deep & healing 3-day events.

 Led by 15-year plant medicine veteran, Kambo practitioner & Planet Kambo founder Jonathan Gold, you will be safely guided through a deep, introspective healer's journey. Supported by a lean, experienced team of dedicated assistants, rest assured that your voyage of self-inquiry & discovery will be held in a safe, loving & private space.


Prepare to be Reset, Restored and Revived.


Infinity & Beyond

A new and unique approach to plant medicine work, each ceremony will be a soulful, distinctive and unique musical voyage. Allow the sound to be your guide as you dip your toes into the river of life, journey deep into the tranquil waters of your inner self and ride the wave of your spiritual awareness as it expands out into infinity. 


The Venue

Located in a 150 year old renovated wine farm and surrounded by vineyards and a large garden with fruits, olive and almond trees. This tranquil setting also includes many animals such as horses, dogs, cats, chickens and more.

Upcoming Dates

April 29th - 2nd May

July  21-24th

October 6-9th

Spaces sell out quickly so register your interest to stay updated for upcoming retreats


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