Kambo Practitioner Training | Top 5 Reasons To Learn Kambo Frog Medicine

Updated: Jan 3

Training to be a Kambo practitioner is one of the most rewarding journeys a person can embark on, accelerating personal growth with a holistic, fulfilling & purpose driven line of work.

Today I want to talk about the top 5 reasons for becoming a Kambo practitioner.

In this video I will cover:

1. Working with & healing people.

2. Becoming your own boss.

3. Making a difference with frog medicine.

4. Job Flexibility.

5. Learning to heal yourself.

Kambo Practitioner Training Course

Also just to let you know we’re running out Planet Kambo Certified Practitioner training course, spaces are limited click the link below for more details...

Kambo Training Info

See you in the next video


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