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Kambo Training | Macro Level Cleansing

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Hi guys it's Jon here from Planet Kambo.

In today's video I want to talk about the kambo process but on a more macro level, so in a previous video I talked about what it's like to go through a kambo process and that's more of kambo on a micro-level so that's what happens immediately when you take kambo.

The Reset

So the first thing you have is you have the ‘Reset’, so this is the actual kambo ceremony, this is the purging aspect of the kambo. The reset is where you\re purging out all the toxins from your body you’re clearing out your bowels, you’re clearing out the bile that’s stored in the gallbladder and the liver and it’s this clearing out of all the toxins in your body and not only the physical toxins but also clearing out negative energy that is Panema.

Panema for those of you that don't know, Panema is dark energy, bad luck, negative energy that’s stored in the body and holding lots of Panema will sabotage your llife. It will manifest as depression, confusion, laziness, a feeling of disillusionment, not really knowing where you're going in life so it's really important that we clear these things out of the body.

So physically you purge bile, you’ll see yellow liquid coming out into the bucket but energetically we’re purging out this negative energy and purging at the Panema.

The Restore

So then we have the ‘Restore’, so the ‘Restore’ aspect of the kambo process is what you feel immediately after you take kambo.

This can be described as an almost zen, meditative like state that kambo puts you in because kambo afffects the brain chemistry. It acts on the opioid receptors of the brain, it has an analgesic effect so people often report that after they've gone through a kambo purge they have this real serene meditative state that comes over them and they're able to really, really relax and for the rest of that day.

Sometimes it's longer, sometimes you get 24 to 48 hours of this really, really fantastic mental state and not only the mental state it's also a physical boost so kambo acts on the adrenal glands, it recharges your adrenal glands and people often report feeling supercharged in the 24 to 48 hours after the kambo process.

This is why the indigenous tribes use it as a hunting medicine. The day before they going to go hunting they take kambo and then when they go to hunt their vision is sharper, their reflexes are quicker, their hearing is better so all of their senses are sharpened and they're physically stronger.

So the ‘Restore’ aspect of the kambo process is about having a clear, calm mind and having enhanced senses and increased physical strength.

The Revive

And then we have the ‘Revive’ part of the process and this is the ongoing effects that you get from kambo after the ceremony in the days, weeks, months and years following kambo and people often report improved mental functioning, improved cognitive functioning, improved mood, kambo does amazing things to the immune system.

Once you start doing kambo regularly you'll never get sick. It's an amazing thing that kambo does it really empowers the immune system. I've been working with kambo for getting on for 10 years and I never get sick, I never, ever, ever get sick so kambo really wakes up your immune system, it wakes up and empowers your body to be the best it can be and this is the ‘Revive’ part of the kambo process.

I hope you enjoyed the video and got some insight into how kambo works at a more macro level. If you'd like more information about kambo then please check out the website, there's lots of information there about how about kambo and how it works. We also run a kambo practitioner training programme so if you think you'd like to learn how to give kambo and how you can heal yourself and other people then please click the link below this video for the information about the training program.

Also, if you'd like to learn to heal yourself, family & loved ones check out the upcoming Kambo Practitioner Training Course:

See you in the next video


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