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The Benefits of Kambo

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

People come to Kambo for a variety of reasons. Whether physical, mental, or spiritual they come seeking what Kambo can provide. So, what are the benefits of Kambo?

There are a variety of benefits attributed to Kambo that fall into 3 areas: physical and medical benefits, mental benefits, and spiritual benefits. It is used by the indigenous tribes in which it was discovered to increase physical and mental prowess prior to a hunt, and to purge ‘Panema’ or negative energy that may collect within a person and manifest as lethargy, depression, and otherwise low mood. More recent scientific studies have shed light on the biochemical effects of the compounds and peptides found in Kambo, and their promising potential applications in modern medicine.

Let’s outline the benefits of this frog medicine in detail, and look into how they might come about. In this short documentary video we see the science of amphibian neuropeptides and it's potential for human medicinal research.