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My Morning Routine

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Greetings kambo warrior, it's Jon here for Planet Kambo. This is just a quick video which is a follow up from the video I made last week about dopamine fasting and this is a new morning

routine for me which I found has made a big difference. It's very simple - don't switch your phone on first thing in the morning, especially while you're laying in bed. A really bad habit that I used to have was when I'd wake up in the morning the first thing that I would do is reach for my phone, switch it on and then check messages, check emails, check whatsapps, scroll through social media and this is a really bad way to start the day.

Now what I do when I wake up, I resist that urge and I leave my phone off and then I have a morning routine that involves some Kundalini Yoga and some meditation and then once I've done those things then I turn my phone on and then I go on the computer. So having some time set aside in the morning before you start getting into gear with doing things for the day, some time for yourself to do some relaxing things, I have found that I feel much better during the day.

It sounds trivial but switching your phone on and looking at it while you're laying in bed first thing in the morning is a really bad way to start the day. It sets you off, that's what I found it sets my mind off racing first thing. It's much better to start the day with something more peaceful and calming like meditation, get yourself in a calm state and then once you've done

that then switch your phone on and get ready to start work.

Now I know we all have different lives, some of you have to get up early in the morning go to work and it might not be feasible not to switch your phone on first thing but at least don't switch it on as soon as you wake up, do something first, even have a shower first, try and do as much as you can before you switch your phone on and then switch your phone on when you have to.

Just a quick tip, try it out and see how much better you feel and I'll see you in the next video.

Talk soon!


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