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COVID-19 | How To Stay Sane During Lockdown

Hi everyone, it’s Jon here for Planet Kambo, I hope that you’re coping during this lockdown. I know it’s a difficult time, all of the pleasure and leisure activities that we’ve come to take for granted, things like socialising with friends, going out to a restaurant, to the cinema, going to the gym, all of these things have been taken away from us and now is a time for going inside, a time for self-reflection and meditation, so I hope that you’ve been using this time constructively.

What I’d like to tell you about is a live webinar that we’re going to be doing on Wednesday the 8th of April, this is a free webinar it’s open to anybody that would like to join and during this webinar we’re going to do a group meditation and that’s going to be followed by a Q and A, because we want to find out from you what you think we can do during this period to help support you, so get your thinking caps on and come up with some suggestions of things, services, whatever it be that we can offer you to help you through this time, because now is a time to come together as a community and at Planet Kambo we’ve always been about community. So, on this webinar we’re going to come together, we’re going to meditate and then we want to hear from you, your ideas for what we can do, to help you during this period.

So you can click think below to register for the webinar and then I will see you on Wednesday.

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