Healing Holidays

Achieve optimal human health & heightened sense of balance with our all inclusive healing holidays.

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Maximise your Kambo experience with an invigorating way to improve your health and unwind in the peaceful and british countryside. Restore inner peace, balance and vitality by combining the cathartic qualities of bioenergetic Yoga with the healing capabilities of Kambo neuropeptide treatments. With all inclusive weekend and 7 day options we have the perfect detox experience for you to fully recharge and return to optimal health.

The Venue

Lane Barton Leisure Barn, Sleeps 30, a converted cow shed with five geodesic domes and large astroturf games area all under one roof. With approx 7500 sq m total covered space the barn is located on a farm with plenty of access to fields and country lanes to walk.


Powerful Holistic Healing

Immerse yourself in our comprehensive health & wellness experiences  

Multiple Private & Group Kambo Treatments

Bioenergetic Yoga

TRE - Trauma Release Exercises

Grounding & Meditation Workshops

Osho Active Meditations & Shamanic Breathwork

Traditional Rapeh Tobacco Ceremony

Qi Gong Energy Clearing Exercises

Fire Walking Closing Ceremony


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