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The Shaman's Leaf Rattle

Haux haux Kambo Warrior! It's Jon here for Planet Kambo and in today's video I

want to show you one of the shamanic tools that we use in our ceremonies. This

is called a "chakapa" or a shaman's leaf rattle. It's just some dried leaves, in this case these are palm leaves dried out and wrapped up into a bunch and what this is for is for breaking up dense energy. It's really simple to use, you just shake it, that's what you do. If you've ever been on a retreat, say you've been to an ayahuasca retreat or similar and you work with a

shaman, they'll probably have one of these and they can really help to break up dense energy.

I can honestly say they work, there's been times when I'm holding space and the energy in the whole room gets very very dense and then I really feel it and I get the urge to use this tool. I pick it up I go around and shake it. When I'm using it I try not to think too much about what I'm doing with my hand, I just put it in my hand and I sometimes I close my eyes and I allow my hand to kind of take on a life of its own and to do what it needs to do.

You can use this to break up the energy in a whole room in which case you'd walk around the room and shake it. You can do it on an individual person, let's say somebody's going through a very difficult Kambo process, as they're dispersing their negative energy it can really help to break it up and then you can shake it around the person, you can also use it on the body.

The best way to use this tool is with intuition, don't think about what you're doing with your hand just allow your hand to do what it needs to do and that's really what shamanism is

all about. It comes from inside you, it's not something that anybody's taught you it comes from inside you and it flows through you, so I find that having one of these on hand is essential when working with Kambo or working with other medicines because there will be times when the energy will get dense. If you're holding space you will feel it and the participants in your ceremony will feel it and a very simple tool like some bunched up leaves tied together can actually be very, very effective.

So you shake it and you do it from the heart with intuition, not from the head trying to think about what you're doing with your hand. This is one of the tools I use to break up dense energy, I can use it on myself if I feel like I've got energy on me and it's this and also Rapéh tobacco snuff, these two tools for me are absolutely essential if you're going to be holding space, working with whatever medicines or Kambo and holding space for other people. You need to have tools that you can use for yourself and for other people to disperse dense energy when it arises and they work. It's as simple as that.

It's all about intention so when you use this tool you're using it for a reason, you're putting your intention into it and then you're switching off your mind and you're allowing that

intuition to flow through you and your hand will take on a life of its own. Sometimes it will get

quite violent, the shaking, other times it will be more gentle but your hand will do what it needs to do and sometimes it's it's literally like my hand takes on a life of its own and it's this

vibration going through me and it's being transmitted out through the leaf rattle.

So there you go, chakapa or shaman's leaf rattle, you can buy them online but you can make them yourself you really don't need to pay a lot of money to order one of these things you just need the right kind of leaves. These are palm leaves, dry palm leaves work very well and then you just wrap them up and what I've done with this one, because with the last one that

I made, what I found was when you shake it the leaves would come out sometimes and over time it would gradually lose most of its leaves, is I actually stitch them together, so I've got a needle and a thread and I stitch the leaves together, then wrap them and now when I shake it no leaves come out.

I'll see you in the next video.



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