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The Kambo Meditation

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Good morning and haux haux you beautiful Kambo people, it's Jon here for Planet Kambo. I'm in wonderful Slovakia, I just arrived last night, I'm here visiting my girlfriend Lucia and I thought I would make a quick video this morning talking about meditation.


When we do our Kambo ceremonies, before we actually apply the kambo we always do a meditation. What we do is we give the participants some Rapéh, and if you don't know what that is Rapéh is a tobacco snuff and it's a very sacred medicine for the indigenous tribes of the Amazon.

We give everybody some Rapé and what that does is that grounds you because the tobacco is of the earth it grounds you and it also opens the crown, so we give a small amount of Rapéh and then we go into a meditation and what this does is this gets everybody's energy up and ready to take the Kambo.

Grounding Meditation

So the meditation that we do involves grounding oneself and then connecting energy to the earth, connecting a cord to the to mother earth and taking energy from the earth and then also a connection from your crown to source so you're taking the energy from two directions, from source from the sky and from the earth and these energies come into your body and they meet at the base of your spine and then we send all this energy back down to the earth so we're creating a circuit, an energy circuit.

We do this, we get the energy going, building, building, building we use quite powerful

music as well and that helps to to to really get the energy moving.

We create this energy circuit we get the energy moving and then I get people to send that energy out around them from their hands so first we draw the energy in and we send it back to the earth then I get people to put their hands out palms up and then they send this energy out through their hands and it can create a bubble of light around them.

What this does is this is creating a bubble of light and protection so we're continually drawing this energy in we've sent it back down to earth and now we're going to start sending it out around ourselves creating this bubble of light and protection.


Then we start to think about our intentions about why we've come to take Kambo, the things that we want to be purging out into that bucket, the things that we want to be bringing into our

lives and then we bring to mind the people in our lives that love and support us so now we've done this meditation we've moved all this energy we've thought about our intentions and now everybody is in the right mindset to receive the Kambo and this is really important because Kambo is a confronting medicine.


It's quite a big ordeal and especially for people when it's their first time and having some kind

of grounding meditation to start can really help to settle the nerves and get those people ready to take the Kambo.

That's all from me for this video and I will see you in the next one!


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