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Meet the Medicine Half Way

Greetings Kambo Warriors this is Adam with Planet Kambo. Now I believe that Kambo is an incredibly powerful tool but only if we're prepared to work with it in incredibly powerful ways so today I want to talk to you about meeting the medicine halfway. Now in the Western world the way we're brought up we tend to view medicine as a passive thing. The Doctor prescribes a medicine and our only responsibility is to take it in some cases that's appropriate we take the pill and it does what it says on the tin.

The Kambo is very different and the ways that we can approach it are very different.

First off Kambo isn't prescribed and people who come to work with Kambo tend to do so because they feel called to work with the medicine. Next up Kambo is a multi-dimensional healing tool and this means that it operates on not just a physical level but also the emotional level, spiritual level, bio energetic levels and other levels but only if we have the means and the tools to meet it in those ways.

So today I'm going to talk to you a bit about how to meet the medicine halfway and we're going to touch on things that you can do before your Kambo session, during your Kambo

session and afterwards to really maximize the healing and transformation that you can gain from working with this powerful tool.

So in the run-up to your session you're likely already aware that you come into the session fasted and there's a mindfulness element to that as well so you're not only you know not only avoiding certain foods for a number of days perhaps certainly fasted in the sort of 12 to 8 hours before the session but there's all there's a mindfulness component that goes along with that and perhaps you're familiar with the idea of holding an intention so that you have a clear sense of why you're doing this what is the reason you're coming to Kambo. So let's go

deeper than that let's really drill down into the intention and understand a bit more about why we are coming to Kambo.

So the way I look at it is, "what is it inside of myself that seeks healing and transformation", "what is the part that's ailing, what is the part that's hurt". It could be a physical ailment, a physical symptom that I seek to move beyond. It could be an emotional block, a spiritual blockage, hold patterns that no longer serve us. It really serves to get really clear and

specific on what exactly it is that we are bringing to Kambo for healing and transformation and let's go further still, let's drill down into where did this come from, where did I learn these patterns that no longer serve me. Let's get in touch with what point in my life, perhaps you

know early on in life, perhaps childhood, at what point did I learn these patterns.

Perhaps these were coping mechanisms that once served me that no longer do,

where did this come from? so let's really trace back from where we are now right back to where this started. What is this block that holds me back now. How did I know? was it

trauma, was it a childhood event, was it a coping mechanism, how did I take on this

pattern, how did this get into me, how was this transmitted into me and really, really hold that as a deeply rooted, specific and clear intention.

Next up is during the actual ceremony and the way I think of this is that we can go through with the Kambo, the experience of the Kambo medicine, working with the medicine. We can go through that and we can cope our way through it. It's an ordeal medicine, it's an intense experience and we can get through it by coping but there's a difference between coping and really leaning into the medicine and really leaning in to the gifts that the

experience can give us if we don't resist it.

If we actually allow it to take us deep within and allow it to help us to find those inner resources that let us get through difficult experiences and the way that this can show up sometimes is that when we are coping we'll have going around in our head during the

Kambo experience, "Oh how do I get myself into this, I'll never do this again, oh this is

terrible", so that's a little bit like what the mind chatter sounds like when we're coping our way through it but when we're getting through it by really leaning into the medicine it becomes much more like a full-body meditation.

We're not sitting inside of the resistance and we're not hearing that kind of resistant, reactive mind chatter going on whilst we're going through the intense experience. We're really leaning in and really we are becoming at one with the intensity and that is as I feel it, that is a more powerful way to get to go through the Kambo experience itself and then as we move into the period of time after your Kambo experience, the integration phase, there's those things

that you can be doing there as well so you know we could come out of it and we could be quite passive about it and you know sitting in the afterglow of going through an intense experience we could be like, "Well I'm done you know, I've done my Kambo, I feel great now, let's move on to the next thing", but there's more we can be doing.

We can be proactive with this, really asking ourselves, coming back to the intention - "What was it that I brought here for healing and transformation, what was the old pattern that helped me back then, what did it cost me in my life to hold that old pattern that no longer served for so long, how did it hurt me and hurt those I loved to be locked up in those ways and how is life different now if I am truly stepping beyond that old pattern, letting go of that old pattern and stepping into a new way of being.

What does that actually look like in my life? So taking responsibility for transformation, what new actions do I need to put in place perhaps? what do I now need to start doing or need to stop doing in my life so we can be transformed on the inside but that still has an appearance on the outside?

If we are truly transformed on the inside, if we've truly let go of old patterns that no longer serve us the way we behave is going to be different, the way we conduct our daily life is going to be different and it really serves to get really clear and specific on exactly

what we're committing to moving forward as we go into the integration phase of Kambo.

I can unpack these a little more in in greater detail if you'd like but that's as an overview of how to work on a deeper level with the Kambo medicine. That's it for today and I'll

see you in a future video.


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