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KAMBO | Woke AF Podcast - Kambo, Emotional Trauma, and Consciousness

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Kambo Warrior,

I’ve got some more cool content for you. After the fantastic response I got from sharing the Woke AF podcast recording a couple of weeks ago I decided it would be great to share another podcast I did for my buddy Alex. The Woke AF Podcast features guest interviews where they share the insights they have gained on their journey to self-realization.

On this podcast we cover psychedelics, primal therapy, the Hoffman Process and various aspects of spirituality and non duality. For a fascinating insight into a lifelong healing odyssey tune in.

In this podcast, we dive deep into:

- The link between emotional and physical pain, and healing without medicine.

- Sasha’s own experiences with childhood trauma and spiritual pain.

- The horrible effects of circumcision on a baby boy.

- Foreskin restoration.

- The male inclination to bottle emotions.

- Religion, it’s allegorical origins, and it’s heart in enlightenment.

- True evil is rare, but a lot of good people are brainwashed.

- The nature of enlightenment, the Hawkins’ scale, and the different levels of consciousness.

- The nature of reality, and the similarities between waking and dream states.

- The most direct way to manifest something.

- Faith healing and the placebo effect.

- Hypnotherapy for pain treatment.

- The trauma of modern birthing, and reliving early childhood trauma.

- Kambo: What it is, and how it can be used to detox your system.

- Sasha’s no-mind spiritual experience.

It’s a wild ride, and one of our deepest podcasts yet. Keep the discussion going in the comments section.

Learn to heal yourself, family & loved ones check out the upcoming Kambo Practitioner Training Course:

See you in the next video


--- Links ---

- Healing Back Pain by John Sarno -

- The Rocky Horror Tantra Book -

- Jim Newman -

- David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness and Books -

- The work of Tom Campbell -

- Bentinho Massaro -

- Planet Kambo -

- Jed McKenna’s books –

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