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KAMBO TRAINING | How To Learn Divine Intuition

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Hi everybody it's Jon here from Planet Kambo. In this video I want to talk about something that I've noticed as I've gained more and more experience with kambo and I've worked on myself and with other people and that's developing intuition.

Now the more you work with kambo the more you work with it on yourself what you'll find is the spirit of the kambo starts to flow through you and when you work with other people you’re able to develop an intuition as you're working with them as to how much kambo to give them and how to run them through the process.

So obviously when you work with people there's an aspect of using your mind, you need to screen the people first, you need to find out why it is they’ve come to do kambo, make sure there's no contraindications, check any medications they’re on.

Shut off the mind

But once you’re actually in the process it’s about not using your mind, it's about shutting the mind off and letting the kambo flow through you and I found the more I work with kambo myself, the more often that I do it, the more I'm starting to develop this intuition and when I'm running a ceremony I really try to shut my mind off completely, I try to come from the heart to get into the zone not think about what's happening too much and to allow the process to unfold naturally.