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Kambo – Ancient Healing or the latest ‘Cleanse’ trend?

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

We live in remarkable times - never has so much been so available. Whether it be the latest information, treatments or trends, searching for quality over quantity is more vital than ever, and nowhere is this more applicable than health and healing.

Holistic wellbeing is nothing new, and neither are its current ‘trends’, with many of them going back centuries before they were picked up by Instagram’s algorithms. Kambo is one such area of intrigue that is rapidly gaining ground. It involves using a secretion from the ‘sweat’ of the poisonous Monkey Leaf Frog, to induce a powerful cleanse that boosts the immune system, can benefit mental health and even improve stamina and strength.

So why is it that such practices are only just coming into the spotlight, and how does a Kambo 'cleanse' compare with the latest competitors on the market?

Modern Cleanse Comparisons