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Hemp Lucid CBD 300mg Review

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

It’s Jon here for Planet Kambo with my review of this hemp lucid CBD vape juice 300 milligrams. This is powerful stuff! I've been testing this out over the last week or two and I don't know why they say that CBD is not psychoactive. It gets you stoned! I don't understand where this “non-psychoactive” thing comes from. It’s definitely different to using THC or to using cannabis in general but effects of CBD are essentially “stoned”.

That's what it does to you. When you smoke cannabis the THC makes you high and the CBD makes you stoned and it's the different combinations of these compounds in the cannabis plant that will give you a different effect depending on what strain it is that you're using.

If somebody says something's not psychoactive, then to me that means that it doesn't really change the way you feel that strongly; but this is powerful stuff. I can't take more than a couple of hits really. I even watered it down. I've got some dilutant because I used to use an electric cigarette with nicotine and I used to mix the nicotine and the flavours and the dilutant myself so I still had some of the vegetable glycerin which is what's used in this product so I actually watered it down to half the amount so I made this 150 milligrams not 300 and it was still unbelievably strong.

If I just keep smoking it I'll get very stoned. It's legal in the UK which is which is pretty amazing but it's definitely very, very powerful and this brand makes juice that goes all the way up to 1500 milligrams! You heard me right, you can get a bottle of this stuff that’s 1500 milligrams! I can't imagine what that's like like, taking one hit of that that would blow your head off. This stuff is really good but you just have to be bit careful with it, as I said in in the past I've used CBD extracts that were one-tenth of the strength of this one and it had a very very mild effect.

This is not mild, I would say this is pretty damn strong and if I take a good few hits on it it gets me very stoned so to me this is psychoactive. I don't know what they're talking about when they say it's not psychoactive but it's definitely good stuff. As I said in the previous video this one is a whole plant extract so it's not just CBD isolated. You're getting all of

the compounds from the hemp plant.

I definitely give it the thumbs up but if you're gonna use it you might want to start with the the less strong one. That’s the weakest one they do - 150 milligrams. So I'd advise anybody that was going to use his product to start with that one and only take a couple of hits. Don't keep puffing on it because it will be very strong. Well it's up to you, it depends what you want to do but if you've got stuff you need to get done, if you've got things you need to do or if you've got to drive a car operate heavy machinery then I wouldn't use it because you're going to get stoned from it so save this for when you want to relax maybe in the evening when all the work’s done for the day and now you're just chilling out that will be the time to use it not if you've got any kind of work to do.

So, "Hemp Lucid Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 300 milligrams" - very, very powerful. Good stuff but be careful with it!

That's all from me for now and I'll see you next time

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