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1 Year Membership


AM Power Yoga

Unlimited Kambo Treatments (1 Year)

The most cost effective solution for devoted Kambo lovers & veterans, a single one off payment allows unlimited Kambo treatments at any Planet Kambo weekly ceremonies for 1 calendar year from the day of your first booking.

Unlimited Kambo Treatments (1 Year)
Unlimited Kambo Treatments (1 Year)

Time & Location

1 Year Membership

AM Power Yoga, lower, ground floor 19, 23 Ironmonger Row, London EC1V 3QN, UK

About The Event

The most cost effective solution for devoted Kambo lovers & veterans, a single one off payment allows unlimited Kambo treatments at any of our weekly ceremonies for 1 calendar year from the day of your first booking. Upon purchase you’ll be emailed a personal QR code that when presented to a staff member will grant you unlimited entry to all Planet Kambo ceremonies.

Please drop us an email in the lead up to the ceremonies you'd like to attend and let us know you are coming.

*1 card per person, this offer is non-transferrable & non-refundable. 

Please follow these instructions for each ceremony - 

** Please be sure to arrive on time. Aim to arrive 5-10 minutes early. We will start promptly at 12:30. If you arrive after 12:45 you will not be able to participate and you will forfeit the ticket cost.

** No need to bring water with you, there is drinking water at the venue

** Come in a fasted state (at least 8 hours)

** Drink an electrolyte drink 1 hour before the ceremony. Coconut water with a pinch of salt or any branded electrolyte drink will do. You can even make your own one at home (just google it).

Sacred Kambo circle where each participant will have the opportunity to receive the sacred medicine in a safe and loving environment. The Planet Kambo Team of practitioners will be on hand to guide you through this healing process. Participants will also have the opportunity to receive rapéh tobacco snuff and sananga eye drops. These are optional.

There are certain contraindications for Kambo. Any conditions related to the heart or blood pressure can be an issue. Please feel free to ask, either a private message or alternatively request phone call before the ceremony. Participants MUST fast for 6-8 hours before the ceremony as they must have no food in the stomach when taking Kambo. Best to fast from the night before.

An important part of working with Kambo is your intention. The Kambo process began from when you made the decision to take part in the ceremony. Kambo has already started working with you so pay attention as things start to come up. Buried emotions, old ideas and new ways of thinking will start to surface. Let these guide you in setting your intentions for the ceremony. Write them down before you come and bring them with you so they are fresh in your mind.

Focus on the following -

What is it that is unwanted but still remains?

- What are the things that you want to be removing from your life? these can be emotional states, people, work situations etc

What is is that is wanted but is still eluding me?

- What are the things that you want to be bringing in to your life? again these can be emotional states, relationships or work opportunities

Any problems on the day please call:

Jon - 07756752722

We look forward to seeing you.


* Over 18's only.

* You must complete an online medical declaration form prior to any treatments.


Cancellation policy

Due to limited seating, we require at least 48 hours notice of a cancelation before your scheduled Kambo treatment. This gives us the opportunity to fill the space you had booked. You may cancel by phone or by letting us know by email. If you cancel your Kambo treatment before the 48 hour notice period, we offer you a credit to your account (in the form of complimentary sessions), but do not offer refunds. You may use these sessions towards any future treatments. However, if you do not cancel prior to the 48 hours, you will lose the payment for the treatment.


Upon review of your medical declaration form if we decide that you do not meet the minimum health requirements for a Kambo treatment, we will issue a full refund & cancel any treatments booked. This final security measure ensures the health & safety for you, other participants & the entire Planet Kambo practitioner team.

**From time-to-time we take photo and video footage of our events for sharing on social media, and for other marketing purposes. If you do not wish to be photographed, please tell one of our volunteers or staff at the venue, before the start of the event, and we will ensure that you will not be included in any footage that may be taken.


  • Unlimited Kambo Sessions

    This one off payment entitles you to unlimited annual Kambo treatments at any of our weekly group ceremonies. All package vouchers expire 12 months from date of purchase. 




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