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Enchanted Forest
- Medicine Retreat -

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13th - 17th June 2024

Transform in 4 Days: Release Limits, Awaken Possibilities

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A Healing Journey

Emerge from the chill of winter and embark on a transformative journey like no other with our Enchanted Forest Medicine Retreat.


Hidden away in a stunning location deep within the European forest, this unique retreat offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with the ancient wisdom of Ancestral Plant Medicine and the healing power of Kambo.


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Imagine yourself surrounded by pristine forests, where the stillness of the season perfectly complements the profound inner exploration that awaits. Step into an unparalleled realm of self-exploration with Planet Kambo's extraordinary plant medicine retreat, meticulously crafted by founder Jonathan Gold. With an impressive 18 years of experience in working with plant medicines, Jonathan has developed a one-of-a-kind approach to visionary medicine ceremonies that stands unparalleled across the globe.

At the heart of this transformative journey is powerful, evocative and groundbreaking music that stretches the boundaries of your imagination, elevating the experience to astounding heights. This auditory voyage, integral to Jonathan's non-dogmatic approach, not only enhances the ceremony but resonates deeply, guiding you through a life-altering exploration of your inner self.

Same Planet. Different World

Assisting will be a team of 4 skilled facilitators, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and compassion, ensuring your journey is not only profound but also safe. These experienced facilitators are dedicated to creating a nurturing environment where you can freely explore the depths of your consciousness. You will be guided, supported, and reassured every step of the way, ensuring that your experience is not only life-changing but also secure and comfortable.

Safe, Secure, Supported


Fully immerse yourself in the transformative power of the plant medicine experience, confident in the knowledge that you are in caring and capable hands. This level of personalized care is a hallmark of the Planet Kambo experience, making your journey not just an exploration, but a truly cared-for adventure into the realms of self-discovery and enlightenment. This retreat is more than just a journey; it's a musical and spiritual odyssey that promises to transform your perception of the possible.

In addition to the transformative visionary journey, Planet Kambo offers you the opportunity to engage in the powerful and healing Kambo ceremonies. This synergistic combination of plant medicine and Kambo presents a comprehensive approach to wellness, providing a unique blend of physical rejuvenation and spiritual enlightenment.

Prepare For Take Off

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The Venue

European forest location. Register your interest by filling out the form below for more details.


Airport transfers will be arranged at extra cost.

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 4 Visionary Plant Medicine Ceremonies

Embark on a profound and transformative journey with 4 visionary plant medicine ceremonies, expertly facilitated by Planet Kambo founder, Jonathan Gold, and his dedicated team. These ceremonies are the heart of our retreat, offering you an opportunity to explore the depths of your consciousness and connect with the wisdom of ancient plant medicines.

Under the guidance of Jonathan and his team of 4 experienced assistants, you'll embark on a series of unique and spectacular visionary journeys that are unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Each ceremony is a sacred and immersive experience, carefully designed to guide you through the realms of expanded consciousness, self-discovery, and healing.

Whether you're seeking spiritual insights, emotional release, or profound personal growth, these visionary plant medicine ceremonies will serve as a profound catalyst for your journey towards transformation and self-realization.

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The Kambo ceremony is known for its incredible healing properties, detoxifying the body and strengthening the immune system. This, combined with the profound introspective insights gained from the plant medicine, creates a truly holistic healing experience. The Kambo rituals are carefully integrated with the plant medicine ceremonies to maximize their synergistic effects, ensuring a well-rounded and deeply transformative experience.

The Kambo-Combo

This potent pairing not only accelerates your inner journey but also nurtures your physical well-being, leading to a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit. At Planet Kambo, every aspect of your experience is meticulously designed to foster healing, growth, and a deeper connection with your inner self. This is a journey that transcends the ordinary, offering a path to profound personal transformation and holistic healing.

Transcendent Transformation

Retreat Bonuses

Elevate your healing journey with our specially curated retreat enhancements. Immerse yourself in the soothing vibrations of a sound healing gong bath, and enjoy unrestricted access to our rejuvenating sauna, complete with a guided sauna ritual using essential oils, led by an esteemed expert. Additionally, experience the invigorating effects of Wim Hof breathing techniques, guided by a skilled practitioner. These complementary offerings blend therapeutic practices with personal enrichment, designed to deepen your retreat experience, facilitate a connection with your inner self, and purify your energetic essence.

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After your spiritual practices, unwind and relax in our secluded retreat centre amidst the stunning forest backdrop. Our luxury accommodations and nourishing meals will complement the inner work, making your stay on Planet Kambo truly unforgettable.


This summer, venture into the depths of your soul, shed old patterns and emerge with a renewed sense of self at our Enchanted Forest Medicine Retreat. Embrace the magic of the season and embark on a profound spiritual adventure that will warm your heart and awaken your spirit.

Join us and experience the wonder of ancestral plant medicine and Kambo like never before. Book your spot today and let the healing power of these sacred medicines illuminate your path.


2-3 Daily Wholesome Meals


Nourish your body and soul with our wholesome meals, lovingly prepared fresh by our skilled chefs. At our retreat, we believe that the food you consume plays a significant role in your holistic well-being.

Whether you eat meat, are a vegetarian or vegan, our meals are designed to provide you with the energy and sustenance you need for your transformative journey. Immerse yourself in a culinary experience that harmonizes with the healing ambience of our retreat, where each bite is a step towards nourishing your body and enhancing your overall well-being.

4 Nights Luxury Accommodation

Nestled within the heart of the enchanting European forest, you'll find yourself surrounded by nature's serene beauty. Choose from our luxurious bedrooms, each designed to provide the utmost comfort and tranquility.

Whether you prefer shared accommodations, fostering connections with fellow participants, or private rooms with en-suite facilities for a more secluded experience, we have the perfect space for you.

Wake up each morning to breathtaking views of pristine lakes and lush forest, creating the ideal backdrop for your transformative journey. Our luxury accommodations are more than just a place to rest; they're an integral part of the immersive experience we offer at our retreat center.