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This ancient traditional medicine used for centuries by indigenous tribal hunters, for not only for fighting disease and illnesses but to amplify the senses, sharpen reflexes and enhance physical prowess with boosted fertility.


Kambo allows us to process our feelings; by bringing up that which which has been suppressed and long since forgotten. By removing the “panema” and the remains of unprocessed and unhealthy feelings from the past, we slowly begin to reveal our true self. Kambo clears the way, promoting a deeper understanding of the world and ourselves. The clearer we become, the more we resonate with truth and the more we align with the way things really are. In this “flow” state, we effortlessly allow joy and happiness into our lives and return to our natural state of freedom and peace.

Panema - Planet Kambo frog medicine ceremony London
Planet Kambo frog medicine ceremony London


Kambo clears any negative physical and emotional energies which deny us a balanced and peaceful life. When we are plagued with emotional toxins, and our physical and mental energy is low this is a sure sign that a kambo treatment is needed. Many have described their Kambo experiences as like being born again, passing a point of no return after which they are changed mentally and physically. After Kambo many have reported that they have renewed courage to take on new ventures in life and to revisit old situations that used to fill them with fear and anxiety. Kambo gives us the strength to face whatever life throws at us.


A Kambo treatment can take many shapes. There can be vomiting, shaking, sweating, crying or a feeling of complete oneness and bliss. Whatever happens you can be sure that deep transformation is happening. The frog is a symbol of the reclaiming of personal power. It reminds us of who we truly are. Allow the frog to show you the way and watch as your life begins to blossom in ways you can’t imagine.

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