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The Kambo Remedy | How To Do Kambo Without Suffering

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Every journey starts with a very nervous first step. Over a decade ago, my personal healer’s journey was no different as I sat, sweat-soaked, with foot-tapping first-day nerves at a packed ayahuasca farmhouse retreat. For breakfast that morning was a treatment I’d never heard of, ‘frog poison’, a fellow attendee nicknamed it ‘the ordeal medicine’, and I was about to find out why…

Kambo. The old school initiation

After hearing such an ominous-sounding tagline I was even more nervous and fearful as the few remaining seconds ticked by until the ceremony began. Serious doubts cut through my peace of mind like a razor blade as I listened to other participants describe their previous experiences.

“Grow a pair dude” I muttered through gritted teeth as I focused my attention; trying to find some calm amongst the chaos that was ensuing in my mind.

The dreaded moment came and the shaman announced the sta