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How To Prepare For A Frog Medicine Ceremony

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

In the lead up to a kambo ceremony a lot of people ask what they should eat and they ask about electrolytes so in this video I'm just going to clear up what you should do in the lead up to a kambo ceremony and straight after.

Eat Clean

Now when it comes to food it's important to eat as clean as possible, now by clean I mean eat good, whole foods, try and avoid processed, artificial foods; foods that have chemicals and preservatives and additives, those kinds of things are going to make the process a bit more difficult so eat as clean as possible in the days leading up to the kambo ceremony.

Get Electrolytes

Try to get as many electrolytes as you can so that means adding salt to your food and you can drink things like coconut water because during the kambo process and just before the process you’re going to drink a lot of water and what this is going to do is it's going to dilute the electrolytes in your body, especially the salt, the sodium, so we want to make sure that before we do kambo we've got plenty of electrolytes, plenty of salt in our body.

We go through the Kambo process we drink a lot of water, we dilute our electrolytes and sodium to a certain degree but because we've bolstered ourselves up beforehand it's not a problem and then after the process as soon as you finish the kambo process and you’re ready to eat you can have some food again.

Use plenty of salt with your food and then some kind of electrolyte drink straight after is great so that could be your coconut water or any other kind of electrolyte drink. So that's electrolytes and food explained for you.

So if you'd like to find out some more information about kambo then check out the Planet Kambo website there's lots of information there about kambo and how it works. We also run a Planet Kambo certified practitioners programme so if kambo is something that maybe you'd like to learn so you can heal yourself and other people then click the link below this video.

That's all from me for now I’ll see you in the next video.

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