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Planet Kambo Team Videos

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

I’m Ali, I’m thirty-four. I’m from Italy originally, and I came to know Kambo as a group of other type of alternative medicines, if you want to call it, traditional medicines. And I just got curious for the potential of healing, of all types, physical, mental, spiritual.

I think there’s something really good to it, I want to learn about it, I want to experiment with it a bit and see where it takes me and potentially with this course as well see how I can benefit. I actually like to give, and this is really required if you want to do something like this, you need to be able to listen attentively and be very careful in your interaction with people who are going through such a difficult process because let’s not go around it, it’s not a fun thing, but it’s so useful.

I first come to know about Planet Kambo with an interview that Jon has done, and I was very much in line with his way of thinking and the way he actually exposes his reasons for being in something like this, and I feel I actually agreed on many things that he said, which is good if you’re getting involved even just in the actual Kambo procedure, you need to have some trust in the people that you’re working with and honestly it was the most professional environment I could find in London, and yeah I felt it was clean, safe, professional presentation also on the website, yeah.

Probably some of the best moments are actually after doing the ceremony, seeing the relief and happiness on the face of people and their feedback and their gratefulness for the support you’ve given to such person, even people who were new to this or it was their first time, which can be harder because you know what to expect, they too, really, in the end came back with something out of it.

If you have a calling for this type of practice and if you feel like you can contribute in a way, it is a good idea to push yourself a little bit to cross that line and say, well yeah, maybe rather than always be a passive spectator maybe I can actually put some action in place, and this is definitely a way that you can do it for good purpose, this is definitely a good initiative, it’s definitely something that benefits a lot of people who are in pain either emotionally or physically, especially physically this could be a very big contribution to getting them better and, it is always a good thing to go towards that direction, so for whoever thinks that they can contribute something, this is a step in the right direction, yeah.

My name is Liane, and I am from the States, from Miami. Why I’m drawn to Kambo is because, I mean, I’ve tried like different plant medicine, they all work, but I feel like, you know, a deeper healing physically.

The after effect, having more energy, no brain fog being more clear, being more creative. I want to do it, because I think I was looking into like, you know, different types of healing, first of all for myself and then maybe what I can use on other people as well. The first time when I was doing Kambo with different practitioners, I didn’t really feel the energy and I felt they were very pushy, or they was like very, you know there was good but they weren’t really explaining the way, how I should be the knowledge, you know what I would like to know, especially as a first time I’m doing Kambo, and then I came across you guys on Instagram and I’ve been following you and then when it popped up to be a practitioner I was like okay I think this is your calling do it.

Lots of information, but good information and things like what I wasn’t even aware of. It was very easy to understand Jon who’s holding the space, it’s very knowledgable and it’s just amazing how much knowledge he has. I think three days is perfect, I think three days was the core of the knowledge of what you need to know and then applying as well. No, I was very impressed, very impressed, very impressed with the details. I mean you have the book, everything is written out, to the dot, you know, everything is clean, everything is nice, everything is, yeah, that’s how I think you should run ceremonies.

I think I feel pretty confident, I mean obviously I’m going to try it first on my friends who’ve done it before already, and then from there, slowly but surely I will probably like do one by one who’s new, who trusts me and they will also trust me to do it on their work and then from there slowly but surely build up.

Right now, I feel like, I feel great, after three days, feel great. I feel like I have a new family, I build new friends and future community.

I mean, like, you always have to follow your gut, if there’s something for you do it, if it’s not then don’t do it, but I think, you know, the frog is calling you.

My name is Maria, Maria Magdalena, I come from Spain, from Grenada, but I live in Marbella. And my experience with Kambo, it started very recently and, like, I don’t know, I established this communication from the Kambo from the first minute and I wanted to do a deeper relationship, so I ordered myself some Kambo from the internet, good quality one, and then I started self-applying, but I thought I was more responsible to find a professional who will teach me and then I found you.

You know when you want to try something new for the first time in your life and it’s love at first sight, but that was it, and then you know, it’s something that you identify very much with and it does so much for you that you, it will be such a shame to keep it for yourself, you want to share it because I wish someone has shown me before.

I was looking for an information when I’m passionate about something, I like researching on my own and then you are one of the first ones on Youtube talking about Kambo in a very professional way and very professional manner, so I then I started watching absolutely all of the videos and I went into the website and I liked what I saw and I liked the feeling I had, it was very positive.

It was a very organic process, so it was very easy and very, like, very fluid and it was easier than I thought, and it wasn’t tiring in the sense that it was many hours and it was very intense three days, not at all. It was like, meeting with old friends and learning a new skill.

It was easy to follow, but not because it was simple, I mean like, it was very well structured, but it was properly organised so that it made it very easy for us to follow and to integrate all that knowledge.

For myself, I feel super confident, and for others, you know, you have to work your intuition, and I think that slowly I will feel more and more confident, but to start with I feel very capable to start working with people, that I think they are ready to receive this information, this healing.

Well, if he’s hesitant, maybe it’s not for him right now, it’s not his moment, whenever it’s your moment you don’t hesitate you just know, you just have this, your inner-voice, you have this you are confident about doing it and you’re convinced, that was my case. So if they hesitate, they should wait a little bit more and their moment will come.

My name is Natalie, and I am from West London. My experience before hand, I went to Mexico and, like on a week-long medicine retreat type thing and that was the first time I heard of Kambo, and I loved it, like I loved it, I really loved it.

What I liked about the Kambo was the health benefits and, you know, cleansing off the stomach, the detox, there’s a lot of people with diseases and there body’s in dis-ease, so that was like my main thing, it’s something that anybody can do. So it’s not psychedelic, you don’t have to be like super, because a lot of people are fearful of that it’s more for everybody that they can come and they can heal.

Probably, I am quite motherly and nurturing, but yeah it’s to heal and when I think about it, it is, it’s that when you’re in that process like you feel so bad, I just want to help people and get it all out and, yeah.

Quite a big thing, you know, with releasing stuff is like a balance of kind of that nurturing, that kind of counselling, that kind of safety. Especially, when we’re being sick and purging, it’s almost like you want to ‘ah, shhh, shhh’ like that mother like, you want to feel mothered and listened to, you want to be heard, you want to feel like as well as the knowledge you want to be heard and feel like you’re listened and loved really and you’re safe.

And at first I didn’t know which kind of path to go down, but as soon as I saw the Kambo I just knew it was for me and that I could give that to anybody like the general, you know, because some people are scared to take Ayahuasca, but that seems like a more thing that is less scary, it’s short, it’s cleansing, you can see the benefits, you can feel the benefits.