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Planet Kambo Team Videos

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

I’m Ali, I’m thirty-four. I’m from Italy originally, and I came to know Kambo as a group of other type of alternative medicines, if you want to call it, traditional medicines. And I just got curious for the potential of healing, of all types, physical, mental, spiritual.

I think there’s something really good to it, I want to learn about it, I want to experiment with it a bit and see where it takes me and potentially with this course as well see how I can benefit. I actually like to give, and this is really required if you want to do something like this, you need to be able to listen attentively and be very careful in your interaction with people who are going through such a difficult process because let’s not go around it, it’s not a fun thing, but it’s so useful.

I first come to know about Planet Kambo with an interview that Jon has done, and I was very much in line with his way of thinking and the way he actually exposes his reasons for being in something like this, and I feel I actually agreed on many things that he said, which is good if you’re getting involved even just in the actual Kambo procedure, you need to have some trust in the people that you’re working with and honestly it was the most professional environment I could find in London, and yeah I felt it was clean, safe, professional presentation also on the website, yeah.

Probably some of the best moments are actually after doing the ceremony, seeing the relief and happiness on the face of people and their feedback and their gratefulness for the support you’ve given to such person, even people who were new to this or it was their first time, which can be harder because you know what to expect, they too, really, in the end came back with something out of it.

If you have a calling for this type of practice and if you feel like you can contribute in a way, it is a good idea to push yourself a little bit to cross that line and say, well yeah, maybe rather than always be a passive spectator maybe I can actually put some action in place, and this is definitely a way that you can do it for good purpose, this is definitely a good initiative, it’s definitely something that benefits a lot of people who are in pain either emotionally or physically, especially physically this could be a very big contribution to getting them better and, it is always a good thing to go towards that direction, so for whoever thinks that they can contribute something, this is a step in the right direction, yeah.

My name is Liane, and I am from the States, from Miami. Why I’m drawn to Kambo is because, I mean, I’ve tried like different plant medicine, they all work, but I feel like, you know, a deeper healing physically.

The after effect, having more energy, no brain fog being more clear, being more creative. I want to do it, because I think I was looking into like, you know, different types of healing, first of all for myself and then maybe what I can use on other people as well. The first time when I was doing Kambo with different practitioners, I didn’t really feel the energy and I felt they were very pushy, or they was like very, you know there was good but they weren’t really explaining the way, how I should be the knowledge, you know what I would like to know, especially as a first time I’m doing Kambo, and then I came across you guys on Instagram and I’ve been following you and then when it popped up to be a practitioner I was like okay I think this is your calling do it.

Lots of information, but good information and things like what I wasn’t even aware of. It was very easy to understand Jon who’s holding the space, it’s very knowledgable and it’s just amazing how much knowledge he has. I think three days is perfect, I think three days was the core of the knowledge of what you need to know and then applying as well. No, I was very impressed, very impressed, very impressed with the details. I mean you have the book, everything is written out, to the dot, you know, everything is clean, everything is nice, everything is, yeah, that’s how I think you should run ceremonies.

I think I feel pretty confident, I mean obviously I’m going to try it first on my friends who’ve done it before already, and then from there, slowly but surely I will probably like do one by one who’s new, who trusts me and they will also trust me to do it on their work and then from there slowly but surely build up.

Right now, I feel like, I feel great, after three days, feel great. I feel like I have a new family, I build new friends and future community.

I mean, like, you always have to follow your gut, if there’s something for you do it, if it’s not then don’t do it, but I think, you know, the frog is calling you.

My name is Maria, Maria Magdalena, I come from Spain, from Grenada, but I live in Marbella. And my experience with Kambo, it started very recently and, like, I don’t know, I established this communication from the Kambo from the first minute and I wanted to do a deeper relationship, so I ordered myself some Kambo from the internet, good quality one, and then I started self-applying, but I thought I was more responsible to find a professional who will teach me and then I found you.

You know when you want to try something new for the first time in your life and it’s love at first sight, but that was it, and then you know, it’s something that you identify very much with and it does so much for you that you, it will be such a shame to keep it for yourself, you want to share it because I wish someone has shown me before.

I was looking for an information when I’m passionate about something, I like researching on my own and then you are one of the first ones on Youtube talking about Kambo in a very professional way and very professional manner, so I then I started watching absolutely all of the videos and I went into the website and I liked what I saw and I liked the feeling I had, it was very positive.

It was a very organic process, so it was very easy and very, like, very fluid and it was easier than I thought, and it wasn’t tiring in the sense that it was many hours and it was very intense three days, not at all. It was like, meeting with old friends and learning a new skill.

It was easy to follow, but not because it was simple, I mean like, it was very well structured, but it was properly organised so that it made it very easy for us to follow and to integrate all that knowledge.

For myself, I feel super confident, and for others, you know, you have to work your intuition, and I think that slowly I will feel more and more confident, but to start with I feel very capable to start working with people, that I think they are ready to receive this information, this healing.

Well, if he’s hesitant, maybe it’s not for him right now, it’s not his moment, whenever it’s your moment you don’t hesitate you just know, you just have this, your inner-voice, you have this you are confident about doing it and you’re convinced, that was my case. So if they hesitate, they should wait a little bit more and their moment will come.

My name is Natalie, and I am from West London. My experience before hand, I went to Mexico and, like on a week-long medicine retreat type thing and that was the first time I heard of Kambo, and I loved it, like I loved it, I really loved it.

What I liked about the Kambo was the health benefits and, you know, cleansing off the stomach, the detox, there’s a lot of people with diseases and there body’s in dis-ease, so that was like my main thing, it’s something that anybody can do. So it’s not psychedelic, you don’t have to be like super, because a lot of people are fearful of that it’s more for everybody that they can come and they can heal.

Probably, I am quite motherly and nurturing, but yeah it’s to heal and when I think about it, it is, it’s that when you’re in that process like you feel so bad, I just want to help people and get it all out and, yeah.

Quite a big thing, you know, with releasing stuff is like a balance of kind of that nurturing, that kind of counselling, that kind of safety. Especially, when we’re being sick and purging, it’s almost like you want to ‘ah, shhh, shhh’ like that mother like, you want to feel mothered and listened to, you want to be heard, you want to feel like as well as the knowledge you want to be heard and feel like you’re listened and loved really and you’re safe.

And at first I didn’t know which kind of path to go down, but as soon as I saw the Kambo I just knew it was for me and that I could give that to anybody like the general, you know, because some people are scared to take Ayahuasca, but that seems like a more thing that is less scary, it’s short, it’s cleansing, you can see the benefits, you can feel the benefits.

It’s actually called me, because before I was going ‘oh, what shall I do? What kind of healing work can I do?’ And I let go, and the path just kind of mapped its way out, you know from going to Mexico and seeing your Youtube video when I came back from Mexico, I was like obsessed, I was like ‘uh, Kambo, I want to learn more, like’ and then I was like ‘Oh, you’re in London’ I was like, I didn’t even look for other Kambo, like, places, and then when I met Jon and he said that he trained in Tapas land, and I was like ‘that’s where I was in Mexico’ so it all kind of seems to fit perfectly.

Yeah, I think it was really easy to understand and good to get more knowledge about it and to break it down and to learn about the female and male frog, yeah, it was, it gave more in-depth knowledge about it.

I loved the buzz of the ceremony, and that’s when I realised that this is what I’m supposed to be doing, like its channeled naturally within me. It makes me feel good!

Just do it, just do it, like, you get all the knowledge, like, it might seem really scary but once you’re in there, it’s pretty, it’s easy enough to learn, but it’s something that you need to learn, do you understand? So you feel more confident, you can go and look on the internet and try and do it yourself, but with the support of this you have the support you know, it’s broken down to you, you have stuff to read back to, you know? So I think it’s good.

My name is Ovi, and I’ve travelled all the way from San Diego just to come for the training. I wanted to become a practitioner because I’ve actually seen a huge change in my life. I started with my Kambo healings a year and a half ago, and the first session that I had for me that was it I noticed a huge difference, it helped me to detach from a lot of attachments that I couldn’t get rid of and then after that it just it helped me physically, but on my spiritual side it just pretty much opened all the roads, like, this is where you need to be. Helping others to heal it’s in me. My energy was drawn to Planet Kambo.

Time is an essence for me, so I don’t feel that I needed to be away that long, after talking to Jon for about an hour on the phone, I said this is it, it just pretty much everything matched with what I was looking for.

Being introduced to the new method of Sapo how to apply it, that was pretty interesting. And being that I’ve already done Kambo vs. Sapo, I’ve already, Kambo is pretty easy it’s just now the method of how you do Sapo, and just feeling it vs. that, I pretty much enjoyed it. For me the highlight was the Sapo method, so I’m very confident yes and I’m comfortable with it and I feel that everything that I’ve learned in this course that they’re very, very strong tools for me to take elsewhere.

It was a crash course, and I’ve pretty much learned everything that I came here for, you know from applying, you know, from taking care of the participants, from observing how to continue to apply if they need more, I pretty much have learned a lot in these last three days. It’s a crash course, but it’s pretty easy and Jon, he’s a great mentor. I’m going back home pretty confident and happy and I’m ready to go.

It’s the best thing, it’s the best change for them because you have a lot of benefits from it, not only that you have a great teacher, which is Jon, he’s awesome. You know, he’s patient and he’s kind and very intelligent, I learned a lot from him. He has good methods and he’s there to help you through it, so yeah, for me this was the best choice and I really recommend it for anybody that’s looking out, you know, to become a practitioner.

I just want to say ‘thank you’, I’m part of a big family now, because that’s what it feels like, you’re part of a family, yes.

So my name is Viveka, and I’m based in London. Someone recommended Jon to me when my sister was ill and I wanted to find an alternative.

Since I’ve been starting to take Kambo I haven’t been ill. The self-application was very interesting because then I had to take Kambo, but also instead of just being held by anyone I had to like hold myself and direct, so that was very interesting to have to be present like that. The highlight was also the team, it was a good team and Jon is very stable and clear in his communications.

I think when you achieve something, you know, it feels good and I applied one Kambo ceremony yesterday on my partner so it was the first person I ever, and I really liked that it was very interesting to do it on someone you have a relationship with, and also today I had two people who I did it on.

The course is very intense, you know it’s a few days, and I believe that you need to do a lot of practice like actually, maybe go to more Planet Kambo sessions and see and explore. I would be confident to do it on my friends, but I want to evolve and get the knowledge and experience with groups, yeah.

I believe that if you, like if you experience something you should share with others, but this is a way for me to help and heal people, yeah.

So I would definitely recommend it because it’s, it’s accessible for the general public it’s not like too focused on one special community style, so I would recommend it it’s very clear, it’s clear and the theory and practical parts is a good balance.

Yeah, I think Jon is very clear and very calm, like he’s a good teacher and I think he’s a good mentor as well. He doesn’t want to, he’s not doing this to, you know, show off, he’s genuine in this way, but it’s a really good start.

Ok so I’m Ryan, I’m working with marketing at the moment and I’ve travelled from Ipswich to come to the training. I found out about Planet Kambo through Jon, I knew him before and I slowly started getting into the Kambo and yeah, it’s been an interesting process and I’ve enjoyed learning more about it.

Yeah, I felt it went really well, I mean we’d been practicing on ourselves and we practiced on some people yesterday and I felt the practical part of the training was extremely beneficial and helped me feel competent when applying Kambo to someone else.

I think the guys at Planet Kambo do a really good job of setting the scene and making sure that everyone feels comfortable, so I feel in that regard everything went really well and really smooth and it helped set everything up for, for people to comfortably go out there and start applying Kambo to some people who’ve come along for the ride.

I think the ceremonies are really well structured, there’s a clear process that we go through and it helps set everything up so everyone can go out there and do their job without having to worry too much. I feel that structure helps make everyone more proficient in what they’re doing.

I feel that the people who came to the training definitely had an interest in this area, and kind of healing in general and it’s good to see people apply that knowledge in the ceremonies and I feel that they built on that interest and now they’re able to competently go out there and perform their own Kambo ceremonies.

So I feel the reason someone would choose to work with Planet Kambo is that their process helps set everything up in a very clinical kind of way because when people look at Kambo first of all, you know, its roots are with tribes in the Amazon, Brazil and Peru so I feel that Planet Kambo have really taken that into the Western world and helped provide it in a very clinical way.

Hi my name is Andrea, and I’m travelling from Spain, from Valencia, and I’m here because I want to learn all the things they are doing related with the spiritual sides.

And the reason why I want to become a practitioner is because I love to help people, and I really think that’s all we need.

We have been checking so many websites and not everybody does the same thing. And there are so many people that they like to explain what they do, but they don’t like to share what they do and that’s the reason why we came to Planet Kambo because we could see they like to share everything they know and that makes a big difference for all of us. Like, if you ask Jon for, whatever you want to ask him really, and he’s going to explain you everything he knows, he’s not going to cut information and he’s going to keep it for himself, and that’s why we came here because he likes sharing, and that’s the main thing.

Jon knows your process, it’s so, for me it’s funny because he just need to look at your eyes. They are one of the most impressive for me, like to see that he can connect with us and that’s what I want to do as well I want to have the same feeling and be able to connect to everyone, just through the eyes.

So after the course, we’ve been applying Kambo to ourselves for three times, we have been applying Kambo for people as well for volunteers and I’m really looking forward to start doing it back home, I feel really confident with that. I don’t know why, but I feel something that is, it comes naturally. I definitely want to keep on training myself I want to keep on learning. I think there are so many things out there that you can do right now, and yeah in six months I would love to have my own place where I can help people with Kambo and with other things that I know.

Well, I really think I have learned quite a lot. I mean there was a lot of information and then there was the practice side and then apart from that when we get to talk everyone is like, yeah, I don’t know like everything is growing.

I would say, yes, I would say I have everything I need to start. Well I would definitely recommend people to come, and I would say to come with, I would say to come to London is worth it to come, it doesn’t matter where you live. I really think they’re going to have a really good experience and they are going to get to know, really, the medicine and how it works. So yes, I would recommend 100% to come to London, just to do it.

Hi my name is Arno. I’m from Holland. I’ve lived for twenty years in Spain now and I came to London to do a course with Kambo.

I did some spiritual ceremonies, and I saw the sharing so I was really looking forward to find a course. It was hard to find people that really share things, so and I noticed that here they were really sharing it so that’s why I came to this one.

Yes, I noticed the professionalism more than something else, and the way I was received as well when I called up. I was waiting and I was searching for some courses so it took me a while and until I find this one.

Why Planet Kambo?

First of all, I found, maybe it’s a little bit superficial, but I found very the website professional on the first side and when I took contact with Planet Kambo they were really receiving and they were paying attention to what I was looking for. They made it comfortable for me to come from Spain here to London so it was all that was a big thing of it as well that I could stay in a place, they organised it for me so it was easy for me to come.

The highlights for me, were self-applications I think it’s a real good thing because you’re trying on yourself so you really know how it feels and what you have to do. It’s a small group so that’s a highlight as well because you have all the attention to learn really quick what you’re doing and I noticed that in the first day already there was so much information and right now I feel confident with it, yes yesterday I was nervous and today I’m confident.

I would like to share it, I would like to learn more and be totally confident and have more information to share it but I can see in a half year that I will be able to share this and to work with it.

I have learned a lot over these couple of days really a lot, a lot of information and also the explanation is really clear so its not a hard information to learn it’s really easy and it’s good.

Without Planet Kambo I think I couldn’t start like this, like I feel right now. Oh, if anybody would be interested in the course I would highly recommend it, it’s three days and in three days you’re ready for a lot of things.

My name is Roya, I’m from Iran but I live in between London, New York and the rest of the world and I organise happiness retreats and I’m a DJ. I found out about Planet Kambo online. I have just done an Iboga ceremony about a month ago and I wasn’t quite sure whether the effect was working and in February I’ve done Kambo in Toulon when I was living there and I felt immense benefits from it.

Why Planet Kambo?

There were two different Kambo practitioner trainers that were training programmes that were kind of, you know, interesting me let’s say on Google, but after speaking to Jon on the phone I got the feeling ‘ok this is the guy I want to do it with, you know’. He sounded very kind and it sounded like he would be the right person.

I think probably my highlight would have been the first day even though it was honestly the hardest moment for me. I think maybe I’d done one or two dots two many. Because the first time I had done Kambo, the woman had to give me nine points. So Jon gave me seven thinking you know it would be safe, and I like that about him that he’s always trying to be safe. But it was a highlight for me in the sense that I managed to really purge and get stuff out more than I have in another experience that I’ve done.

I guess meeting all these amazing people I like the fact that when you do these things you build community. I think that’s my favourite part. Thank you very much it’s been lovely. Thank you Jon and I’m sure I’ll see much more of him in the future.


My name is Nick Yushkevich, I’m originally from Russia. I’ve been in London for 10 years. I first learned about Kambo quite a while ago, but the training itself, I came across Jon on Planet Kambo through the website. And since then I’ve been in communication with him for a couple of months and I was fascinated by it so I really wanted to experience the Kambo training for myself. In a way I wanted to challenge myself because my first experience with Kambo was very personal I did it on myself. And after some experience I’ve never done it on anybody else. I wanted to feel like I would challenge myself in serving somebody and taking that responsibility. In my mind I guess I kind of knew that I wanted to do it. In some ways like for a few months after the application I couldn’t quite materialise my plan. In some ways financially or perhaps I didn’t find the right place yet. I came across Jon very recently so I couldn’t find a place where I could genuinely do a training course which I found was legitimate. Which would have the plethora of everything within it. So the training course that I had with Jon was very personal and was very complete. The ceremony itself doesn’t just include the sole treatment of Kambo, but the medicine that’s accompanied by it that’s used by many of the tribes with the rapeh and sananga. And it felt like a more complete treatment a very complete experience.

Why Planet Kambo?

It’s just the first experience I looked into it and I talked to Jon. I looked at the website. I looked at the practitioners. I looked at the Facebook. I looked how the ceremony was performed, how it was all done. And I just said ‘yes’, just inside of me was a “yeah, i love it. It’s brilliant. I like the way those guys do it’. For many of us it’s a physical experience in itself, but once you undergo that training, once you feel that connection there is much more to it than just a physical process that is happening and that’s where there’s something much more special to it.

Over the last few days I feel I’ve learned quite a lot. I’ve been introduced to the alternative medicines like rapeh, Kambo, sananga previously, but in live application and in live performances in enchanting a meditation that’s done during the ceremony to integrate everything. It solidified everything. It materialised my kind of knowledge into practice, which is really the switch I feel and that’s what this training course did for me.

Now there’s less of a chatter thinking, ‘what do I have to do next?’. It becomes more natural. And I think I’ll have to do more of that. It’s beginning to settle in, but doing more of these workshops, which is now an opportunity that I can do since I’m based in London it’s going to really build on that. So it was a perfect starter introduction to what you need. I know now how to perform a basic ceremony and how to conduct myself, but I would still want to have more experience.

Hey do it. Try it out for yourself first. Come to the ceremony, see how it goes. Talk to one of the Planet Kambo team members or practitioners and see what they say, see how you feel about it. And you’ll feel it, you’ll feel it honestly. You go out for a walk you just think to yourself, it’ll come to you “be like, do I want to do this? Yeah. Do I wanna?”. Maybe there’ll be some doubts in your mind, but be honest with yourself. What do you truly want to do and what’s holding you back? And I think you should, yeah, go for it. Take a chance.


Hi, my name is Helen. I found Kambo through a plant medicine retreat. It was after a breakup and I was looking for ways to look after myself and move on. I was feeling quite lost and Kambo really helped me to find that connection back to myself to clear out what I didn't need anymore emotionally. Ever since then, I wanted to learn more about it and how it could help other people. As a health coach, I help people get unstuck and find what's blocking their way and this is such a great practice to help people with that. It can help you unblock emotionally, physically, spiritually, energetically and in such a short amount of time. As also someone with chronic illness, it's a great way to take my healing back into my own hands. I've always felt like I rely on other people but having this gift of being able to self-replicate and heal myself, I feel like I'm back in control of my body. So when my chronic fatigue is really flaring up, I know that it's time for a Kambo session. It's something that I can use safely myself.

Something else that I've gained is lovely beautiful connections. In this type of work, you meet such amazing people that just understand you feel like you're part of this bigger family, which is just amazing. Yeah, I'm so happy that I found this all.


My name is James, and I wanted to become a Kambo practitioner because I had spent some time with other plant medicines on retreat. I encountered Kambo shortly after coming off a retreat and it coincided with the end of a relationship. I wanted to heal and to let go of what I was holding on to still from that relationship, as well as reconnecting with the sense of my own personal courage and bravery. Which I think is something that Kambo invites us all to do. I think it forms part of a larger spiritual journey for myself as well. What does kambo mean to me? Well it's an honor and it's a privilege to sit in service to people when in ceremony and it connects me to other people that are interested in this work, in plant medicine work, and that forming a part of their own spiritual practice and journey in this lifetime. I'm also honored to be part of work that is about the healing oneself and the healing of lineage and also then the healing of others.


Hello everyone. So the reason why I became a Kambo practitioner is purely because it came to me in a dream and I quickly realized that this had to be part of my journey. Being a practitioner enables me to hold a sacred space for that person, giving them that one-to-one and just being there for them at that time. Obviously drumming and singing for them as well and being part of that healing journey is quite rewarding.

So if you haven't gone through a Kambo process, it is quite aggressive, and it can be quite traumatic. But knowing that someone is there for you can put your mind at rest. If you haven't tried Kambo before, please do give it a go. If you're thinking about becoming a practitioner, Jon is your man at Planet Kambo. Happy Kambo-ing. Have a blessed day, everyone.


This is Natalie from Planet Kambo and I wanted to talk to you today about why I became a Kambo practitioner. I never heard of Kambo until earlier this year where I took a trip to Mexico and that's where I met the Frog for the first time. It was intense, but very beautiful. The second time, I actually passed out doing the Frog! Where I went was so peaceful and so magical.

I remember coming back around and thinking this world was such full of suffering. Before, I was praying, I was praying, "what is the path for me?". When I met Kambo, I knew this was the path for me and this is the medicine for me. So when I got back to London, I started to do a lots of research. I was on the net researching and I came across Jon and Planet Kambo and I saw his videos and I was like "yeah, cool!". Then I looked further into him and I realized that he did a legit training. So I went ahead I joined, joined up straightaway. Yeah, we were actually the first group doing the training with Jon. Since then I've been working with Kambo for the past seven or eight months. It taught me so much about myself and about others, just humankind really, that we hold so much suffering inside.

Kambo is a way of releasing emotional trauma that was stored in our body, releasing the toxins that are stored in our body. All the time, we just store so much in our body. So yeah, Kambo is how it's released. Release, release, release. You feel lighter. It also teaches that warrior strength. Sometimes, in life, it feels hard. A lot of its to do with their own suffering from the stories that we always tell ourselves over and over again that keeps us in this suffering. But what Kambo does, it gives you the strength of mind. Because with the medicine you have to overcome it with your mind and that, I find, gives me daily strength in life. Yeah, Kambo is a beautiful, beautiful medicine, and it offers so much. I'm looking forward to explore the Frog more and learn more with the Frog over time. So yeah, I feel totally blessed. Thank you.


My name is Luke, come from Majorca today and I’m basically just on a new path at the minute. So I’m doing like essential oil workshops and then I’m integrating them with the Kambo. I came to a Kambo ceremony like a year ago and I had a powerful experience. I know how like amazing the medicine is. I had some great results and also took my sister as well which helped her because she’s got some anxiety and depression. And yeah, I mean I feel a connection with the Kambo so that’s why I want to help other people.

And you know, I think it can help change a lot of lives so yeah. I’ve had a lot of like synchronicities happen in my life recently and I’m kind of going on to like a healer’s journey, so I want to heal people I want to help people. When I’m aligning with my true self all I want to do is help people overcome their obstacles in life and I think Kambo is something great it’s something amazing. It can put people through a certain emotional release or it can release a lot of traumatic experience from their past and it can get them to the next point in their life basically.

Well Jon, he’s been a good friend for about 4 years now. And I know Jon as a personal connection so I can just recommend Jon as a person, he’s everything he does it comes from the heart it comes from the soul and all he wants to do is help people. And I like to align myself with these kind of people.

For one the group has been amazing, whenever you come to these kinds of places. Day one we’ve become family. But yeah, I mean going through the whole training everything’s laid out pretty simple, you know you get the manual you get the document. Everything is, there’s a lot of detail and a lot of work gone into it. And just going through the experience of being able to apply the Kambo myself and then being able to go to the ceremony with Planet Kambo and then apply it onto new people as well.

But when you see this and you’re in a room with like twelve different people and you can see other people’s reactions, how they deal with the Kambo, how some people need less dots than others it’s just a great experience. And yeah it’s going to be an exciting future ahead.

To actually be in there and know you’re helping someone that’s just a rewarding, amazing feeling and yeah that’s probably one of the best parts, I’d say. I’m fully confident to apply it now. I’m going to be, what I’m going to be doing is I’m going to continue applying it to myself so I can get the intuition from the Kambo itself and yeah, I’ve already got a few friends that want to try the Kambo as well, and yeah. But yeah, I’ve learned quite a lot in terms of like, how to apply it on a first person, whether they should have like micro-points whether they should go a little bit steady. And then, how to like judge the person. And then also, the safety precautions I’ve learned quite a lot so whether they’re on some kind of medication, they’ve got some kind of illness. Whether they are a complete no-go or yeah, I mean I’ve pretty much had all the information and I’ve got it in a booklet and it’s also about the keeping in contact, so once you’ve signed up to this you’ve always got Jon or the Planet Kambo at a reach of a hand you can get him on a phone call, then on top of that you’ve got the apprenticeship after and also like the Skype weekly sessions. Just to keep everyone updated with the information in case there’s anything more we needed, just to go over as well.

I definitely recommend it to anyone. I’d definitely recommend the company Planet Kambo just everything about the company it resonates, you know, it resonates with the heart. It wants to help a lot of people progress and if I do have any friends that are looking to maybe become a Kambo practitioner, then I’m going to definitely forward them onto Planet Kambo, but I am ready to go and I’m ready to help a lot of people as well.


My name is Sophie Mendes, I’m from Switzerland and I came from Portugal especially for this training. After I did my first ceremonies of Kambo I started looking on the internet to have more information. And I found a video on the internet on YouTube of Jon and that’s how I learned about Planet Kambo I want to become a practitioner because I’ve been travelling in Peru and I did Ayahuasca and I felt a really strong connection with the Amazonian environment and then I heard about Kambo and I did my first ceremony and I feel called I don’t know. I felt that it’s something that I have to do to try and help people because I have many benefits.

I think immediately after the first ceremony. I felt that that could be something for me you know and after I wanted to do other ceremony with different person to feel how it is and yeah give me the confidence to try to learn it.

I saw the video on YouTube of Jon and felt like he was explaining really well and I like his style. It’s also the people I met, like we’re kind of a small family now. So everybody kind of support each other and it’s a really nice feeling.

My favourite part was to my first ceremony that I was giving. I felt directly a connection with the girl who arrived. I knew it was her I had to do the Kambo. And we had like a really strong connection when we did the first ceremony. So for me that was the most intense part where I can help someone in the process.

I think I will have to practice on myself a little bit more, but I think after a couple of self-applications I will do like 1-to-1, but I feel confident, but I’m still a bit scared to give it.

Yeah, it was for me the training was really useful for me. I couldn’t do it start alone. I think it is a beautiful experience and you learn a lot, and it’s a good start to try it at first to do it self-application and yeah for me it was a great experience, beautiful experience.


Greetings, Kambo Warriors. This is Adam with Planet Kambo, coming at you with a quick video on how I became a Kambo practitioner and what it means to me.

So I first started going to group ceremonies myself and receiving the medicine a few years ago, but it wasn't love at first sight for me. I didn't have any immediate sense that I wanted to become a practitioner at that time. Then what happened was some time later I was going through a very challenging time in my life and I decided to give myself my first Kambo self-application to build personal power and to get me through that time. For me, that's when the lights really switched on. I had a very powerful healing experience and it just became very clear to me that Kambo was one of my medicines and I got really excited about taking that relationship deeper. So I looked up practitioner training from Planet Kambo. I did the training and did the apprenticeship and I continued to work with them and serve the medicine at their ceremonies. For me, now just you know really feel incredibly blessed and honored and grateful to have this education which allows me to work skillfully and intuitively with such a beautiful and powerful medicine. Yeah, I mean Kambo means a lot to me and it really holds a special place in my heart now. Thanks for listening.


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