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Kambo - The Healer's Journey. Documentary

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

This fly on the wall documentary showcases a candid, behind the scenes tale of 3 wounded healers on a harrowing 4 day immersive Kambo training weekend. Sharing synchronistic tales of hardship & adversity, the three brave Kambo trainees face their shadows in search of inner peace.

From addiction struggles to battles with mental health, Kambo unites this loving community of devoted practitioners & wounded karmic incarnations for a soul-deep ancestral purge.

We invite you to dim the lights, switch your phone to silent & join newfound frog family Sam, Dan & Zoe on an emotive & heart-melting 25-minute Healer’s Journey.

Follow The Frog

Those who come to learn how to apply Kambo often feel a deep calling to do so. Once the idea of becoming a Kambo practitioner enters the mind of a person it is very common that they will start to see frogs and frog symbology everywhere. It’s like the spirit of the Kambo frog is calling them. Many even report seeing frogs in their dreams.

Kambo For Addiction

Addiction is one of the most difficult psychological problems to treat as it is often rooted in trauma. The addictive substance or activity becomes a way for the person to avoid feeling the emotions associated with the trauma and these feelings become buried under layers of addictive behaviours and mental processes. Kambo can be a powerful tool for healing addictions because it can unearth buried traumas and bring suppressed feelings to the surface. Repeated Kambo treatments can help to “peel the onion” and expose the layers of suppressed feelings. Once these feelings have been felt and processed the desire to numb or to escape dissipates

Planet Kambo lead practitioner and co-founder Jonathan Gold took a group of fresh-faced Kambo trainees and over 4 momentous days, moulded them into fully-fledged Kambo practitioners.

The first trainee we’re going to follow is Zoe. After following a spiritual path for 10 years, Zoe discovered Kambo and feels she's finally found her calling. Wanting to "shout it from the rooftops" Zoe is an avid believer in the power of Kambo to heal physical ailments and past traumas.

Next, we have former chef Dan. Having worked in Michelin star kitchens for 15 years, Dan decided to make a huge change and take his life in a totally new direction. He began working with plant medicines 18 months ago and looks back on it as being the best decision he’s ever


Lastly, we have Sam. “London Geezer” Sam is on a true healer’s journey. He recalls being surrounded by people who abused drugs while growing up and sees Kambo as the great healer and an amazing way to help others, especially those with addiction problems.

Kambo Training Day 1

Things got off to a shaky start for Jon as he arrived late to the venue due to heavy traffic and arrived after the trainees. In the pre-training interview, Jon cited logistics as being the main headache when running training events and this proved to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The training began with some Kambo theory before the practitioners went on to do their first practical Kambo work - a self-application; an important practice for any Kambo practitioner.

Zoe chose not to participate in the self-application as she knew from previous experience that her Kambo processes tend to be quite intense and she didn’t want to jeopardise the rest of the training by taking a chance of being incapacitated.

Kambo Training Day 2

Not taking part in the self-application played on Zoe’s mind and she was unable to sleep that night. Jon received a phone call on the morning of day 2 and it was Zoe explaining that she was not in a fit state to take part that day. They agreed it was best for Zoe to stay home and recover.

The evening of day 2 saw the first ceremony where the practitioners would be giving Kambo to some eager volunteers. With the volunteer to practitioner ratio at 1:1, Zoe's absence created a gap for one of the team to step up and apply Kambo to 2 volunteers. Dan jumped at the chance and shouldered the responsibility. Jon was very impressed with the way the entire team performed, especially Dan who handled the 2 volunteers like a true pro.

Problems 'down under'...