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Kambo - Hardcore Healing

Back in 2017 David and I set up Planet Kambo to bring the little-known frog medicine to the world. At that time there was no professional, trustworthy brand you could put your faith into for such a delicate and personal process. We set about to change that and it became our mission and purpose.

I first discovered Kambo at a retreat where it was offered as part of the healing process. I have to admit I was skeptical about it but I just "went for it" and I'm so glad that I did. That was the beginning of my Kambo journey and I've never looked back since. When the opportunity arose to build a company around Kambo, I jumped in with both feet. With a background in personal coaching I use the interpersonal skills I had developed to lead the front line at Planet Kambo. You'll find me leading the weekly Planet Kambo ceremonies and running the live and online practitioner training courses. I also developed my own method of using Kambo which combines the traditional Brazilian way and the Peruvian "Sapo" style, thus the "Planet Kambo Method" was born.

David describes this as feeling a "calling" and a sense of "duty" to bring Kambo to the world.

For David, Kambo is one of the tools he uses to heal from complex type 2 PTSD. The enormous benefit that David has received from using Kambo made him realise the potential of this incredible medicine and how it could help so many people. David describes this as feeling a "calling" and a sense of "duty" to bring Kambo to the world. David's background in creative design led him to work at the YouTube channel "London Real" where he further developed his creative and business skills. When the time came to take the plunge, David quit his job in London to work full time on Planet Kambo.

When we came together and created Planet Kambo, we very quickly realised that this was our destiny to do this and fate had brought us together for a reason.

Check out the video above for a closer look at Planet Kambo's co-founders.



Founder, Planet Kambo Ltd.

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