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Kambo - Cure Culture [Documentary]

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

With the increasing rising tide of mainstream acceptance for Kambo frog medicine as an alternative health treatment, Planet Kambo follows a group of 11 trainee practitioners beginning their healing journeys.

Mini-documentary ‘Kambo Cure Culture’ follows on the transformational paths of 3 rising star trainees; Urukla, Emma & Lucie as they experience a rollercoaster of emotion & a vertical learning curve on a 4 day Planet Kambo practitioner training course immersion.

The Planet kambo Practitioner Training Course comes complete with over 4+ hours of step-by-step video training theory modules that will help you confidently host your own private events & ceremonies.

This is an introduction video to the Planet Kambo Online Practitioner Training Course.

NOTE: * This online video training library is only given to Planet Kambo Certified Practitioners once they have graduated our live immersive 4 day training courses.

For health & safety precautions we cannot sell the FULL course to untrained practitioners. Kambo should only be applied by trained & experienced practitioners. This course is intended for educational purposes only & is not a substitute for actual live training.*

You can however gain ‘Guest Access’ to a restricted selection of videos taken from the modules & get a taste of what’s in store once you have graduated a live Planet Kambo Training Course.

Sign up here to gain free restricted Guests Access:


Join The Team:

If you'd like to join the PK Team and become a Planet Kambo Certified Practitioner simply register your interest for the next Practitioner Training Course.

Click the link below for all the info.



Founder, Planet Kambo Ltd.

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