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How To Reset Your Body With Kambo Frog Medicine

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

​Why does Kambo cause nausea?

As the nausea begins to take hold the kambo causes the organs to release their toxins, primarily the liver which releases its store of bile. Many toxins are stored in the bile and these are usually reabsorbed by the body during normal digestion, Kambo forces the body to release the bile containing these toxins.

When the medicine is applied it communicates directly with the brain through the lymphatic system. The peptides begin to act on the brain producing contraction at the smooth muscle level and stimulation of the whole of the bowels and digestive system.

Does Kambo help purge emotions?

The reason for the overwhelming feeling of sickness during the process is the release of all of these toxins. Your body is detoxing itself and as with other detoxification processes they are usually accompanied by unpleasant bodily feelings. These feelings should not be feared, they are a necessary part of the process. When one is dealing with emotional issues at the time of the treatment this can often lead to a more difficult and painful process. When there are unprocessed and stuck emotions, the purge will not come easy. As the kambo releases these emotions, one must feel them fully before they are released.

How Kambo removes toxins from the body

The purge will often start with a release of just the water that was in the stomach. This is usually only short lived as once the purging begins it’s often not long before the bile is released. The water being purged will then change to a yellow colour and it will taste very bitter. Other colours may also be present, sometimes green and very rarely black. The kambo works to release whatever the body needs to release and sometimes these can be fluids from very deep places in the body.

Once the bile is fully released, the purge will appear as clear water again and at this point the purging will begin to subside and the participant will instantly feel a huge relief. It is truly a wonderful feeling when a kambo purge is finished.

This is the first stage of the process and the only unpleasant part. This deep purge resets the body, removes the toxins and effectively ‘wipes the slate clean’ for the participant.


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