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How to Meditate

Haux Haux Kambo Warrior! It's Jon here for Planet Kambo. In today's video I want to talk

about what actually happens when you meditate now this is something that I have experienced firsthand so this isn't something that I've read this is my own experience of what happens when I get into a really good rhythm with my meditation and that means doing it

multiple times a day. It took me probably a few months of doing meditation at least twice a day and then at one point of doing it three times a day and what would happen is I would get

into this space very, very quickly.

Let me explain - in normal waking life, in regular activity we have objects in the foreground of our experience; thoughts, sights, sounds, all of these different things and what the mind does is it grasps for them so if you watch how your mind works you'll see that the mind is constantly doing this, it's grabbing everything that's happening, mostly thoughts. Thoughts are popping up and and the mind and your attention latches on to these different things. Now at the same time in the background of all of this there is there is deep sleep or pure

consciousness, whatever you want to call it and it's just this background of pure stillness and in the foreground you've got noise, thoughts and different objects, things that are coming up and the mind is grasping at these objects. Then what I find is when meditation really clicks, when when I get in the zone, the deep sleep that's in the background moves into the foreground and the objects move into the background and the mind stops grasping at them.

So the objects don't disappear, they're still there but the mind isn't isn't grabbing

them all the time your attention isn't isn't focusing on them automatically. Instead your attention is focused on the deep sleep that's in the foreground so it's the swapping places of the objects and the deep sleep in the background. The deep sleep comes forward

into the foreground the objects go into the background and the mind stops grasping and then there's a very deep sense of peace. What I feel like when the deep sleep comes forward it's

almost like a blanket coming down and it does feel like deep sleep. It feels like that feeling I get when I wake up in the morning and I've had a really good sleep and I'm just kind of opening my eyes and I'm still a bit sleepy it's that same feeling so this is the this is what I'm

aiming for when I meditate and I've got a bit lazy with it recently, I haven't been doing it


For meditation to really work you have to do it religiously, and that means more than once a day. For me doing it once a day was okay but when I started doing it twice a day that was

when that really accelerated things and then three times a day was was magic. That was when I was golden and it reaches a point where you actually look forward to doing it. If meditation is a chore then it hasn't clicked for you yet so what you need to do is you need to set aside 20 minutes or half an hour at least twice a day to do it. A lot of people do it once a day but I think twice a day is where it's at or three times a day and you need to do it

regularly and stick to it and don't miss a session.

The longer you go in between meditation sessions the harder it's going to be to get it to click and to begin with, when you sit down and you start meditating it's going to feel like nothing's happening. Your mind is going to be active for the whole time and you're going to think, "Well that was just a waste of time" but just keep doing it because every time you sit down to

meditate you're training that part of your brain, you're training your brain to calm down it's like going to the gym you can't just go to the gym once and expect anything to happen you need to go regularly so we're training our attention that's the way I see it. It's like when you meditate you're balancing your attention on something which when I do it I use my

breath so my attention is going all over the place is grasping at all these objects and I keep taking my attention and I put it on my breath and within five seconds it's off and it's grabbing

at things again but over time what happens is every time you put your attention on your breath it will start to stay there so I I see it as like balancing. I'm balancing my attention on

my breath and it will keep falling off, falling off, falling off and in time it will start to stay there and when it stays there that's when the deep sleep comes forward and you'll be meditating

and you'll realize that it's clicked and your attention is now on your breath without any effort

and it's not falling off it's just staying there.

That's what we're looking for, we're looking to balance our attention on one thing, whether

it's breath or mantra or whatever and every time it slips, every time it falls off we're going to bring it back and you'll be doing this over and over again it will drive you nuts but keep doing it and then it will start to click.

That's meditation for you in a nutshell, I will leave it there and I'll see you guys in the next



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