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How Psychedelics Can Help You Have a Healthier Lifestyle

Psychedelics have been historically conceptualised as taboo or drugs of abuse, but the tide is now turning. Companies and the larger biotech industry have been tapping into the potential health and therapeutic benefits of psychedelics, investing nearly $2 billion to usher what was once considered countercultural into the mainstream. As early-stage startups, research funding, clinical trials, and growing public acceptance weave together, what lies

before us is a burgeoning wave of interest in psychedelic use for health purposes. The range of benefits that come with psychedelics invites us to immerse ourselves into the deep and come back up with a renewed sense of well-being and zest for life.

Testing the waters with mental health and productivity

The use of psychedelic drugs in the psychiatric context is in somewhat of a renaissance, harkening back to the ‘50s and ‘60s when scientists would rave about enhancing and innovating the treatment of mental illnesses. Nowadays, individuals experiencing the symptoms of depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, and other conditions

endeavour to make sense of the chaos and confusion by themselves, except now with the help of psychedelics.

By microdosing or consuming the drugs in lower doses, the use of psychedelics boosts mental health and evokes a subtle and calming effect—clearing the fog that once loomed and made days bleed and blur into one another. Many microdosers find that taking a tincture once a day or consuming foods and teas infused with psychedelics also paves the way for imagination, creativity, and productivity at their respective jobs.

Treading further: psychedelic use and weight management

Rather than being weighed down by the risk of obesity, psychedelic compounds can help you tread further into a healthier lifestyle. Consuming the substance called psilocin (rapidly metabolised from hallucinogenic psilocybin) at a specific dose activates the 5-HT2C serotonergic receptors responsible for feelings of appetite and satiety. Think of it

as a way of rewiring the body’s inner programming: you feel less hungry over time and thus slow down weight gain.

Keeping weight off can sometimes be as tricky and unpredictable as prevailing wind and waves, but a science-based weight loss plan that's designed to fit with your specific nutritional needs, eating patterns, and overall lifestyle can make the process smooth sailing. Unlike restrictive fad diets, where you simply regain the weight you’ve once lost, a

customised diet is sustainable and ensures you never take detours in your weight loss journey.

Moving with the waves of life

Sometimes we’d rather stay in our bubbles, resisting the wave that otherwise promises to take us where othersflourish. But because the psychedelic state is often characterised by feelings of boundlessness and unity with other living entities, the transformative experience of psychedelic substances like psilocybin, LSD, and mescaline allows us

to move freely with the waves and reach the shore of social connectedness and companionship. The more we allow ourselves to be washed over by feelings of awe and social transformation, the greater our capacity for prosocial motivations and emotions like compassion, empathy, and altruism.

Exploring a once-uncharted territory

Psychedelics can also serve as a gateway—a portal, even—into the deeper layers of the self that were once wholly inaccessible to us. As unhealthy habits often stem from unresolved trauma and stressful emotions, psychoactive substances can shift life perspectives, one example being Ayahuasca and its life-changing ability to transport us into

the subconscious where repressed emotions and memories lie.

However, exploring a territory we once thought was buried and sunken, like the city of Atlantis, can be an overwhelming and intense experience. As such, there must be personal introspection before use, support, and aftercare as we reckon with past wreckages that are equally profound and painful. Once we have dealt with these remnants and arrived at more profound realisations about life, we get closer to breaking free from the barrage of self- criticism and embracing a healthier and transformed lifestyle.

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