Unleash Your Healing Potential

Enhance your immune system, cognitive function & mental focus with the natural healing power of Kambo frog medicine.

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Planet Kambo is a holistic detox service, running weekly group cleansing ceremonies in a relaxed & serene environment. Using a balance of alternative healing exercises & indigenous tribal medicines, Planet Kambo offer a truly unique, uplifting  & enlightening experience. 


Kambo Treatments

Weekly group detox ceremonies in a relaxed & serene environment

Kambo Retreats

Escape the pressure of city living, cleanse the body, purify the spirit & energise the mind

Kambo Store

Up to 50% savings on all ceremonial grade supplies

Kambo Training

Planet Kambo Practitioner Training Course

The Planet Kambo Practitioner Training Course is a hands on 3 day immersion followed by a live 4 week apprenticeship.


Kambo Store

Up to 50% Savings On All Ceremonial Grade Supplies




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