Divine Moments of Truth Experience

Dear friend,

If you’re reading this it means you’re in the know. You are invited to the Divine Moments of Truth Experience.

This unpublicized event for close friends & VIPs is a 3-night escape scheduled for September 4th - 6th


In the serene stillness of the English countryside we will unite and begin a powerful and life-changing transformation. Using timeless indigenous healing modalities you will channel the muscle of Kundalini life force energy for a permanent mental, physical & metaphysical expansion.  

This sacred metamorphic immersion will expand your limitless perception & accelerate the awakening process through a deep & healing 3-day workshop.

Lead by 10-year plant medicine veteran, Kambo practitioner & psychonaut Jonathan Gold, you will be safely guided through a deep, introspective healers journey. Supported by a lean, experienced team of dedicated assistants, rest assured that your voyage of self-inquiry & discovery will be held in a safe, loving & private space.

We travel to the venue on the morning of the 4th and return to London on the 7th September.


From deep, lasting friendships to priceless networking connections, this paradigm shifting 72-hour ceremony will be an unforgettable, mind opening adventure & lifelong bonding experience with a loyal & newfound soul family.

The Venue

Lane Barton Leisure Barn, Sleeps 30, a converted cow shed with five geodesic domes and large astroturf games area all under one roof. With approx 7500 sq m total covered space the barn is located on a farm with plenty of access to fields and country lanes to walk.


Lane Barton Leisure Barn



EX39 5PZ, United Kingdom


Planet Kambo can arrange mini bus transportation to & from London for a small additional cost.

Through our sacred medicine ceremonies, powerful body and breath work and the use of ancient technologies you will:

  • Be offered ‘the red pill’ to uncover the true nature of reality

  • Expand your consciousness beyond the boundaries of perception

  • Heal trapped bioenergetic traumas & muscular tension

  • Awaken primal Kundalini serpent energy

  • Purify low density and negative energetic blockages

  • Unravel unconscious negative behaviour patterns

  • Make life long friendships & priceless connections

Limited to 25 spaces 



Total Price:


[Deposit - £200]

  • 3 nights accommodation

  • Wholesome vegetarian & vegan meals

  • 3 x visionary plant medicine ceremonies

  • 2 x group Kambo ceremonies (optional)

  • Private Kambo treatments available upon request

  • Yoga work

  • Osho active meditations and shamanic breathwork

  • TRE - Trauma Release Exercise workshops

  • Sound Healing and meditation workshops

  • Traditional Rapéh tobacco ceremony

  • Closing fire ceremony


Your Awakening Starts Here

Spaces at the private annual gathering are available by Invitation only, be sure to RSVP to register your interest & a member of the team will contact you with more details.

Thanks! We'll be in touch shortly...