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Take the edge off lockdown limbo
with ceremonial grade supplies

New Arrivals

Dragon's Blood

Dragon's Blood

£15.00Regular Price£10.00Sale Price

New Flavoured Rapeh

Banana Split Rapeh

Buckle your seatbelt for the head splitting, taste-tastic, banana bandit

Frostbite Menthol Rapeh

The ultimate sub zero mind cleansing wake up call

Strawberry Sundae Rapeh

Treat yourself to a tasty twist of rich summery satisfaction

Up to 50% off Discounted Product Packages

Lockdown savings on ceremonial grade product packages

Kambo Cacao

Enjoy a taste of luxury with our potent, ceremonial grade cacao

Dragon's Blood

Mother nature's wound healing accelerator, Dragon’s Blood

Pro Pipes

Full length, limited edition Tomahawk Peace Pipes for the Kambo connoisseur 


Rapeh Collection

The newest arrivals to the Planet Kambo product power house

Sananga Collection

The dream team
Awaken + Lucid at your service. On sale now. 

Kambo Sticks

Airdropped directly from the sacred tribal heart beat of the South American jungle.




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