Sananga Collection

Aligning the healing power of Yin & Yang, Sananga Awaken + Lucid are the power couple & literal dream team that work in harmony to sand off the sharp corners from your daily routine. ‘Awaken’, a high strength morning kick-start & caffeine replacement designed to transform a 6am zombie & into a no BS navy seal. 


‘Lucid’ a mid-strength twilight unwinder, like a mental deep tissue massage removes the days compounded, compressed & calcified stresses allowing well earned rest & deep sleep. Together Sananga Awaken + Lucid are more than just 30 second wonders, they are your new ‘friends with benefits’, putting the ‘glory’ back in your mornings & being the ‘netflix’ to your chill. 


Awaken + Lucid at your service. On sale now. 



  • 5ml Sananga Awaken
  • 5ml Sananga Lucid

Sananga Collection


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