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Like Marmite, you either love it or hate it, but this bottled bolt of lighting is guaranteed to awaken even the deepest of sleeping giants.


’Sananga Awaken’ is a potent & high strength eye drop extracted from a South American Shrub known to instantly clear morning fatigue, revive the senses & unleash limitless NZT mental clarity. Let ice cold showers & early morning expressos be a thing of the past, say rise & shine to the new sherif in town… ’Sananga Awaken’.


On sale now. 



Make sure contact lenses are removed before application. Recommended use morning to mid day. 

Sananga | Awaken

£25.00 Regular Price
£20.00Sale Price


    Kambo Stick 3 Pack

    £70.00Regular Price£60.00Sale Price

    Sananga Collection

    £50.00Regular Price£30.00Sale Price

    Rapéh & Sananga Collection

    £95.00Regular Price£55.00Sale Price