The newest arrivals to the Planet Kambo product treasure chest is a power house tobacco trinity, airdropped directly from the sacred tribal heart beat of the South American jungle. This hand picked assortment of high strength ceremonial grade Rapéhs form a potent & eye watering power medicine pyramid. 


Make way for 'Reset Rapeh', AKA the ‘Kambo commando’. The masculine front runner & high performance slingshot, accelerating mental cognition, mainlining energy levels & a G-force propellant at your daily task list. 


Next up ‘Restore Rapeh’, your ‘Zen at 10’.  An early afternoon mental restore & precision cognitive aligner. Maintain high level mental focus from a sacred place of stoic calm & stillness. This great equaliser will balance, realign & restore mid-day harmony to your goals & objectives. 


Last but by no means least, recline & unwind with ‘Revive Rapeh’. Finally time to loosen internal tension, exhale stress & let-off steam from the daily pressure cooker. This mild & calming Rapeh is best used to dust off cobwebs, recharge mental bandwidth & clear essential headspace ensuring a night of well earned deep sleep & restoration. 


This hand picked Rapeh collection complete the loop allowing you to step off the hamster wheel, switch to auto pilot & enjoy the scenery as a passive spectator. 


Planet Kambo Rapeh on sale now. 



  • 4g Reset Rapeh
  • 4g Restore Rapeh
  • 4g Revive Rapeh

Rapéh Collection

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£35.00Sale Price

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