Each 50g bag of Cacao allows you to be gently set adrift on the rich wave of deliciousness that is 100% raw, organic ceremonial grade cacao. This is chocolate in its purest and most unrefined form. Containing the highest quantities of beneficial flavonoids and mood enhancing compounds this is the grand cru of all cacao products. Cacao has been used for centuries as a ceremonial sacrament by indigenous cultures to open the heart space and connect to the spirit of this gentle planct medicine.


A true blessing, this indulgent delight will warm the heart and bring about expansive states of awareness when taken in sufficient dosage. 


How you choose to use it is up to you. Eat it in it’s raw and solid form straight out of the bag or take a pinch and mix into a mouth-watering hot chocolate drink for a tasty treat any time of the day. For those of you that are a little more adventurous, take a ceremonial dose and make your own medicinal sacrament to let the spirit of cacao wrap you in its loving arms. 


You haven’t experienced real chocolate until you’ve tasted ceremonial grade cacao. Allow yourself a luxurious treat and indulge with this sacred delicacy.

*Each bag contains 50g of Cacao.

Kambo Cacao - Ceremonial Grade Goodness


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