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Rapéh | The Step-by-Step Self Application Tutorial

Creature comforts became a vital component of staying sane during the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown. Self isolation can be extremely tough and with no outlets for our energy we can become stagnant. Regular exercise, meditation and having a daily routine helped to keep our mental and physical health in check.

As an initiative to help our Planet Kambo community we started offering free samples of Rapéh and a Tomahawk Self Applicator Pipe to those that wanted. Although simple to use if you'd never experienced Rapéh before, knowing exactly how to self apply this medicine might not be obvious.

For anyone who is unsure I have made a step-by-step guide on how you can blow Rapéh for yourself to connect to the Grandfather Spirit.

What is Rapéh?

Rapéh is a powdered tobacco snuff that has been used for centuries by indigenous cultures. It's not smoked or inhaled but rather "blown" into the nostrils using a pipe. This can be done with two people, one being the giver and the other the receiver, and also it can be done alone using a self applicator pipe. Rapéh brings one to immediate presence, quieting the mind and grounding one's energy. It's a powerful shamanic tool and for good reason.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of Rapéh are many. It works very deeply on the physical, psychological and energetic body. As mentioned above, Rapéh quiets the mind instantly; it clears all thoughts and centres the user by grounding their energy. Rapéh is "earth energy" so it is one of the most grounding medicines that exists. Rapéh can also cause an expansion of consciousness and open the crown chakra to allow divine insights to manifest. Rapéh also cleanses the energetic field, removing negative energy and bringing one into balance. Rapéh can be purgative and bring on vomiting. If this is the case then one is removing a negative influence that is residing in the body.

Where is it used?

Rapéh is traditionally used in many different situations. It can be used ceremonially, either on its own or paired with other plant medicines. We use Rapéh in our Kambo ceremonies to ground and centre the receivers before they take Kambo. It has a calming and euphoric effect that can help to reduce any nervousness or anxiety before a Kambo experience. It is also used as a hunting medicine by indigenous cultures to heighten the senses and bring an abundance of energy. This allows them to go for long periods without food or sleep while going on long treks into the jungle. Lastly, it is used socially and recreationally by indigenous people similar to how we use cigarettes in the West. 

What is a Tomahawk Pipe?

Rapéh is traditionally blown using a long "Peace Pipe" when applying to someone else and using a 'V-shaped" Tomahawk Pipe when self applying. The shape of the Tomahawk allows one to blow the Rapéh into the nostrils without assistance. These pipes are usually made from bamboo or animal bone.

Rapéh Self Application Step-By-Step

1. Dosage

Empty some Rapéh out on to the palm of your hand. A good starter dose is 1/4g. As you become more experienced with it you can increase the dose.

2. The scoop

Take the long end of your Tomahawk Pipe and scoop half of the Rapéh up into the pipe. As you scoop you can tilt your palm to aid in the process. It will most likely take multiple scooping motions to collect the right dosage.

3. Double tap

Give the pipe a few taps to make sure the Rapé has dropped into the bottom of the pipe.

4. Deep breath

Before you put the pipe into your mouth take a big breath in. This is important because if you put the pipe into your mouth and then take a big breath in you will breathe the Rapéh into your mouth. This is not desirable!

5. Insertion

After taking the breath put the shorter end of the pipe into your mouth and the longer end into your left nostril. Keep the short end of the pipe on the front of your lips as opposed to actually in your mouth.

6. Blow technique

Blow the Rapéh by pursing your lips and blowing air out of your mouth and as you do so bring your tongue forward to the inside of your lips in a snapping motion. This "snap" sends the Rapéh deeper into the nasal cavity.

7. Relax.

Rapéh can be a strange sensation if you're never done it before. It will burn a little so just breathe through your mouth and allow the feeling to wash over you.

8. Repeat

When you feel ready scoop the remainder of the Rapéh into the pipe and repeat the process on the right side.

9. Focus

Remember to relax. Sit back and allow the medicine to work. Rapéh can bring on dizziness and nausea so don't worry if you start to feel a little uneasy. Just focus on your breath and you'll be fine.

10. Meditate

Use the time during your Rapéh experience to meditate. Rapéh is a fantastic meditation tool and can quieten the mind in instant.

FREE Sample

If you'd like to claim your FREE Rapéh sample and Tomahawk pipe then click the link below -

Lastly, a big thank you for taking the time to read this detailed step-by-step guide, I hope you've found it useful & it mitigates any of the 'rookie' mistakes I see most people make the first time they try to self-apply Rapeh. I'll be updating the blog weekly so tune next week for more tips, tricks & bio-hacks to help take the edge off your temporary lockdown.

Peace & love


Founder, Planet Kambo Ltd.

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