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How Long Do The Kambo Effects Last?

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

The effects of Kambo and how long they last

Following the Kambo purge the participant will usually feel very tired and may want to sleep. This is normal. Kambo is an ordeal and after such a taxing process it is expected that the body will want to rest.

Within 10-20 minutes following the purge a wonderful sense of calm and relief will wash over the body and mind. This is due to the deltorphins and dermorphin peptides present in kambo that have  an analgesic effects comparable to the body’s own pain response of beta-endorphin release. They’re also stronger than morphine without the same level of respiratory depression, tolerance potential, and withdrawal symptoms. This feeling of calm can last for several hours and this is then followed by a wonderful nights sleep.

During this time all of the senses are heightened and physical prowess is increased.

How Kambo upgrades your immune system

For 48-72 hours after the kambo treatment many report some fantastic physical and mental enhancements. These include increased strength and physical prowess, sharper vision and hearing, enhanced mental alertness and faster reflexes. This is the Kambo afterglow.

Kambo and physical performance

All of these attributes make it very clear why the indigenous tribesmen use Kambo before they go hunting.  

Kambo is a safe and effective treatment that gives a wonderful physical and mental boost that can be very useful in times of crisis and when one needs to be physically and mentally at their best to deal with challenging situations.


P.S If you're interested in learning more about how to heal with Kambo frog medicine, check out the link below for details on our upcoming training courses.

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