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Free Rapéh and Tomahawk Pipe

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Get your free sample of Planet Kambo Rapéh and Tomahawk Self Applicator pipe using this link. We're also throwing in a £5 off voucher for your next online purchase -

Also check out the Planet Kambo Online Store for our range of products -

Haux haux Kambo warrior, it’s Jon here for Planet Kambo it’s a nice day to day and I’m just on my way to the post office to post some of our products to customers. For those of you that don’t know we have a store on the Planet Kambo website and we sell Kambo sticks Sananga and Rapéh, so if you haven’t seen it go and check that out.

It’s a bit annoying because I usually go to the post office on the high street, but it’s now closed because of the Coronavirus so I’m having to go on a bit of a longer walk to get to the post office, but rest assured if you order a product from us I will go, I will make the journey to get it posted to you.

Another thing I want to tell you about is we are doing a special offer where we are giving away some Rapéh samples for free, so if you’re interested you can get a free sample of our Rapéh and a free Tomahawk self-applicator pipe, so you can blow the Rapéh for yourself and you’ll also receive a voucher for £5 off your first order. So if you are interested you’d like to try Rapéh, maybe if you haven’t tried it before then you can CLICK the LINK below this video and you can get your free sample of Planet Kambo Rapéh. So I will leave it there for this video, I’m going to go into the post office now, send out this stuff and I’ll see you in the next video.

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