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Does Kambo Help Heal Autoimmune Diseases? Debunking The Myths

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Can Kambo help people with autoimmune diseases?

As the popularity of Kambo spreads, there are more opportunities to discover possible applications for the exotic Amazonian healing ritual. Many who provide and participate in Kambo ceremonies tout the profound healing benefits for the mind, body and soul. Many consider Kambo to be holistic in nature due to it’s ability to address physical, emotional and spiritual afflictions simultaneously.

As the number of administrations grow worldwide, it is becoming apparent that Kambo is particularly useful for addressing specific challenges for individuals.

From my experience as a practitioner, I would say there is tremendous anecdotal evidence to support the hypothesis that Kambo is a powerful and effective tool for people who are struggling with any sort of chronic condition, especially those that are autoimmune-related.

At war with oneself

Autoimmune diseases are characterized by the presence of auto-antibodies, meaning that the immune system is attacking healthy tissue in an individual's body. There are more than 100 described autoimmune-related diseases and the list is growing as more and more conditions are identified as having an autoimmune component.

Autoimmune conditions are often defined by the organs or tissues that are most severely affected. Some examples of autoimmune conditions include hashimotos, multiple sclerosis, celiac disease, eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondylitis and more.

There are often shared features and comorbidities between separately diagnosed autoimmune conditions. Cutting-edge research on autoimmunity offers consensus that there are shared elements and causes that are consistent in any sort of autoimmune condition, regardless of the expression of the disease. While these diseases may look and express very differently, they often benefit from the same treatment approaches.

What causes autoimmunity?

While it’s quite complex and complicated to pinpoint exactly why someone develops an autoimmune condition, the simple answer is: a chronic stressor. Sure, genes can make someone susceptible to developing an autoimmune disease, but at the end of the day most experts agree that prolonged stress, whether in the form of an infection, abusive household, or toxic exposure is a major part of the equation.

Simply put, when the body’s immune system is burdened with an ongoing challenge, eventually some straw will break the camel's back and the immune system will compromise by becoming dysregulated and confused.

Why does Kambo seem to help those with Autoimmune conditions?

Because of the complex nature of autoimmune diseases, you need a medicine that is equally as complex. Kambo is full of bio-active peptides, with over 24 analogs identified in over 8 peptide families. While there has been some scientific exploration of these peptides, the research is immature and has not explored the effects of the peptides combined, as one would receive in a Kambo session.

Those who are afflicted with autoimmune conditions are almost always affected by the presence of chronic infections, childhood trauma, dysregulated digestion, toxic buildup and maladaptive stress responses. On a physiological level, many of Kambo’s peptides are uniquely suited to address these imbalances in a comprehensive way.

In a more psychospiritual approach, Kambo also delivers beyond healing the physical which is more important than one might assume when it comes to healing disease.

Powerful Peptides

The peptides contained in Kambo have a wide range of powerful and impressive effects. Despite being present in such small quantities, they result in intense physical responses that seem to move complex human bodies back towards homeostatic balance.

Opioid peptides such as the deltorphins and dermorphins offer potent pain relief and influence the vagal nerve response by improving vagal nerve tone and influencing other parts of the body such as the gut.

Several peptides in Kambo also cause secretion of gastric juices and activation of muscle contraction in the GI tract. Some peptides produce powerful cardiovascular effects which lower blood pressure significantly. Others, called dermaseptins have potent antibiotic activity which decimates bacteria, fungi, and viruses that they come into contact with.

The activity of these peptides are suited well for the imbalances that plague those with autoimmunity. Antibiotic effects of dermaseptins may help combat infections that contribute to immune dysreguation.

Opioid and other nervous system influencial peptides may improve balance in a nervous system that has been stuck in a stress response for decades. Gastric peptides may activate and rebalance the gastrointestinal environment to allow for healthier gut bacteria and nutrient absorption. All of these features, theoretically speaking, would be extremely useful to someone with autoimmune disease who is likely afflicted by imbalances of thes types.

Proof is in the Purge

While we can speculate all day long how the Kambo peptides might be useful for the autoimmune-afflicted population, the real proof is in the pudding, or the purge, in this case. Thousands and thousands of cases of those with chronic auto-immune related illnesses speak for themself. Without science on our side just yet, all we can do is look at the results that are in front of our eyes.

As a practitioner, I’ve seen thousands of clients, hundreds and hundreds of which are affected by autoimmune diseases. Many of them have exhausted other treatment options and were desperate for relief.

Watching the miracle of someone getting relief for the first time in a very long while is one of the most amazing things to see. Even more amazing is how frequently I get to watch these miracles occur.

While Kambo is not a silver bullet, I have to admit, it’s the closest thing I’ve ever found to one.

When people who have pristine diets, access to the best medical care, and an array of supplements but still are stuck in sickness, Kambo works when nothing else does.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch

As powerful and promising as Kambo may sound, keep in mind, you truly earn your gifts. The experience is challenging and uncomfortable. It’s uncomfortable but generally worth it. Often you will need multiple sessions or ongoing treatment to fully recover from an autoimmune condition. Having autoimmune disease does create unique risks for receiving Kambo. It’s extremely important that you choose a practitioner with expertise in working with autoimmune disease.

Those with fragile health have different needs when it comes to Kambo and these needs may not be obvious to an untrained provider.

Find a Kambo practitioner that understands your condition and can explain what safety measures they will take to ensure your ceremony is a beneficial experience for you.

Kambo has delivered positive results for thousands of people worldwide. If you have an autoimmune disease, take a leap (ribbit) of faith, and try something different. Sometimes you have to do something dramatic to create a dramatic change in your life. There’s only one way to know what Kambo has in store for you. ;)

About the author

Caitlin Thompson

Kambo practitioner, educator and scientist

She specializes in working with clients affected by Lyme disease and autoimmune conditions and provides specialty training to Kambo practitioners.

With a formal education as a neurobiologist, she is currently pioneering some of the first human research on Kambo. She is the creator of, a platform to help connect Kambo seekers with practitioners in their area. Her practice, Medicine Frog Kambo is based out of San Diego, California.

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