[3 Part Video Training]

Learn to DETOX the body,

HEAL the spirit & SHARPEN the mind

with the NEW Online Kambo Video Training Course

In this FREE 3 part video training series you’ll learn how thousands are healing themselves & transforming their lives using the powerful medicinal properties of frog neuropeptides.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the FREE 3 part video training series.

Module 1 - The Reset.

The science of the detoxification process and benefits of deep physical cleanse.

Module 2 - The Restore.

Peak physical performance – enhanced explosive power, sharpened reflexes & accelerated recovery.

Module 3 - The Revive.

Bulletproof your Immune system – protection against illness, disease, colds & flu.


Serina Jonah
Pilates Instructor

WOW Kambo! For the first time in my life my mind felt still. Totally at peace and I could lay on my yoga for hours without thinking a single thought. the Kambo experience was a very sacred and special one because of Jon and his team. I am definitely going back to Planet Kambo for more sessions.

Stephen Wellham
Musician & DJ

My experience was euphoric. A complex and diverse sense of the jungle. I trusted the process, the team and the medicine, it took me to a peaceful and grateful place. Everyone should do this.

Jesse moonstone
Yoga Instructor

Kambo was a transformative experience for me.  It’s such a powerful medicine, working so deep in the body. The purge was explosive to say the least and I felt so clean after. I love the feeling of calm and relaxation straight after and I could stay in that place forever. Thanks Planet Kambo for an amazing experience.