Planet Kambo Practitioner Training Course

 Unleash Your Healing Potential

4 Days Live Kambo Training

4 Week Apprenticeship

Kambo Practitioner Starter Kit

Your Potential. Unleashed.

Aligning your core purpose & deep sense of meaning with the transformational powers of Kambo medicine will arm you with limitless healing potential for your friends, family & loved ones.


Driven by a strong personal code of integrity, duty & service you’ll leapfrog to an immeasurable future of abundance & positive impact. Training to be a Kambo practitioner will not only enrich your life with deeply rewarding work, you’ll also create professional opportunities, loving friendships & gain true geographic freedom through this highly empowering & specialised skill set.

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London | December 3rd - 6th 2020

London | February 4th - 7th 2021

Why choose us?

Limited to 5 students per course to ensure highest standard of personal mentoring & supervision, the Planet Kambo Practitioner Training Course is a hands on 3 day immersion followed by a live 4 week apprenticeship.

Our Newest Trainees

Ellie talks about why she became a Kambo practitioner and her experience on the Planet Kambo Practitioner Training Course.

Accelerated Learning

Hosted at a spacious teaching studio in central London, you will be guided step-by-step through two intensive 8 hour classroom training days & four live practical application workshops. Here you'll put what you’ve learned into practice, burning & applying Kambo medicine to yourself & others.

Printed Kambo

Practitioner user manual

& course syllabus

Kambo Practitioner 

Starter Kit

A step-by-step guide

to hosting private

ceremonies & events

You'll get:

3 intensive days training - including 3 live Kambo application workshops

4 week practical apprenticeship at the Planet Kambo weekly ceremonies in London

Printed Kambo practitioner user manual & course syllabus

Ongoing Zoom mentorship video calls

Access to the course e-learning video training library

Access to a private facebook group with weekly homework assignments

Kambo practitioner starter kit

First aid training

Branded practitioner uniform

End of course assessment & certificate 

Stay Updated For Our Next Course

Are you ready for a new beginning & serious about changing your Life? Get in touch & we’ll email you the full course details.  

London | October 1st - 4th 2020

Supporting Materials

The Planet Kambo Practitioner Training Course not only arms you with the technical knowledge & practical experience of how to safely apply Kambo, but also supplies you with a detailed course syllabus to expand your level of expertise as you progress on your career as a professional Kambo practitioner.

Upon graduating the course you’ll be supplied all the basic tools & equipment to hit the

ground running & start hosting your own Kambo events.

Weekly Zoom Support Calls

To ensure the highest standard of live teaching & further education we include continued online support with 4 x weekly 60 minute mentorship zoom calls. Here you can troubleshoot any sticking points, ask questions & keep on track with real time face-to-face feedback.

Live Apprenticeship

For those able to attend our weekly ceremonies in London we also include a 4 week hands-on apprenticeship. Here you’ll have the opportunity to assist, ‘learn the ropes’ & gain practical experience under the careful supervision of our

experienced lead practitioners.

Your Next Step...

Only a very select few choose to walk a healer's journey & become professional Kambo practitioners. A journey with the frog puts you on the frontier of a purpose driven, bucket list lifestyle & if you’ve read this far it means that you’re taking the life changing potential of working with Kambo seriously.

Becoming a Kambo practitioner takes dedication, discipline & a desire to learn & will not just happen by itself.

So if you’re still reading maybe it’s time to begin your next adventure? 


To your future with the frog.

Co-Founder, Lead Practitioner

Planet Kambo LTD

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London | Feb 4th - 7th 2021




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